18 Jul 2024
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Find your wings to fly the journey of your soul with Denisse Olsson

In the heart of Chiapas, Mexico, Denisse Olsson began her journey as the daughter of a Healer and an agricultural pilot. Her life’s paths took her to Stockholm, where she combined the wisdom inherited from her family and her life’s learnings to craft Wings & Inspiration, a space where she’s been kindly assisting women in […]

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Raoul Wallenberg – The Rescuer

Working on a documentary film The Rescuers about Raoul Wallenberg gave me a great opportunity to meet a  lot of interesting people last summer. The director Michael King and his crew came from LA and Israel to meet and interview survivors, who were rescued from the Nazis. This is how I came to know the […]

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Dreaming of Fagersta – Alma’s dream of leaving Mexico for Sweden becomes a documentary

“Drömmen om Fagersta – Dreaming of Fagersta” is a documentary made by Alma Paz, a Mexican student, in which she tells the story of how a first contact with Swedish music – more specifically the post-punk rock of  The Hives – got her to start taking Swedish lessons at home in Mexico City and later […]

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Celebrating Community Spirit in Bandhagen

Stockholm suburb Bandhagen is celebrating it’s community spirit and the richness of local creativity on BandDagen, which will be held for the 4th time now on 1st of June. BandDagen is a grassroots, community-driven, all-inclusive celebration with a second-hand market, art fair, tasty homecookin’ and music. It’s a local celebration, but all are always welcome […]

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Camera Diaries – Stockholm’s outdoor portrait photography season

Autumn is my favourite season for outdoor portrait photography. Can you guess why? Yes, the beautiful contrasting colours provided by the golden leaves on trees and on the ground make for stunning backgrounds. But it’s also that unique, soft, sideways light. And the combination of these two elements is an unmatched combo! So I would […]

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Stockholm Moves – The Scandinavian Capital Through a Filmmaker’s Cinematic Eye

Film director and photographer Alex Soloviev pays homage to our capital city in his video Stockholm Moves. A wonderful and dreamy 3-minute ride across the city’s streets and alleys, it’s people, it’s waters and its parks, the bright lights, the shaded corners, its voices and even some rain. Prepare to experience Stockholm like you’ve never seen it […]

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Your Living City’s favourite Stockholm photos

At Your Living City Stockholm we keep a finger on the pulse of the city’s heartbeat, bringing you the best that Stockholm has to offer, today we would like to bring you some of our favourite views of the Scandinavian capital, created by Stockholm-based photographer and artist Karen Pérez Guzmán. Karen also goes under the […]

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Art Therapist Emma Ehrenthal explains Art Therapy

What exactly is art therapy and who is it for? We asked Stockholm-based art therapist Emma Ehrenthal to explain to our readers what it is that she really does. As an artist, I am not great with words, I am a visual learner and I love teaching through experiences. But I quickly learned that it was […]

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It’s Taco Fredag!

It’s no secret that Sweden loves Mexican food. There’s even a day of the week dedicated to it: ‘Taco Fredag’ Taco Friday, when Sweden gathers around the dining table to eat a good taco. It’s such a thing that even the Swedish Church has tweeted a gif of Jesus craving taco, saying “When it finally […]

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Role Models: Trekillar, a Mexican music trio like no other

Trekillar is a music trio, who are bringing the colourful sounds of the traditional Mexican music to Sweden in their very unique way. The band is formed by Rene on the violin, Niklas on the guitarrón and Alejandro on the vihuela. Although it hasn’t been so easy for a band like them, playing such a […]

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