18 Jul 2024
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Art Therapist Emma Ehrenthal explains Art Therapy

What exactly is art therapy and who is it for? We asked Stockholm-based art therapist Emma Ehrenthal to explain to our readers what it is that she really does. As an artist, I am not great with words, I am a visual learner and I love teaching through experiences. But I quickly learned that it was […]

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Expats and mental health: The ‘Second Day Blues’

This week, Lysanne Sizoo explores why many couples experience the ‘second day blues’, when one half returns weary from a trip abroad only to be faced with disgruntled grumbles and a list of chores.   My father was naval officer and my mother a very independent and self-sufficient naval officer’s wife. She told me, “When your […]

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Expats and mental health: Stuck in Sweden?

Lysanne Sizoo on the pain of international partners torn between love for their children and troubles in their relationship.

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‘Two’s Company…’: Handling your in-laws

Dealing with the in-laws can be confusing and confounding and the cause of many arguments around the dinner table. In part 2 of her ‘Love in a Foreign Land’ articles, Lysanne Sizoo explores three ways in which you can help each other to create more tolerance and understanding, whilst also setting clear and constructive boundaries. […]

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For better or worse: Love in a foreign land – Part 1

In the first of a series of articles on love in Sweden, Lysanne Sizoopsychotherapist UKCP reg., considers the issues faced by expats when either one or both halves of a couple are in a foreign country. Part 1: At home or abroad.

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