22 Jun 2024
Find your wings to fly the journey of your soul with Denisse Olsson
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Find your wings to fly the journey of your soul with Denisse Olsson

In the heart of Chiapas, Mexico, Denisse Olsson began her journey as the daughter of a Healer and an agricultural pilot. Her life’s paths took her to Stockholm, where she combined the wisdom inherited from her family and her life’s learnings to craft Wings & Inspiration, a space where she’s been kindly assisting women in 1:1 coaching, women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, shamanic breathwork and soul healing. We had the opportunity to interview Denisse and hear more about the beautiful work she’s doing.

What is Wings & Inspiration?

W&I is a space created for you to re-create yourself. To find your wings to fly the journey of your soul & the inspiration and courage to be the truest version of yourself.

What took you to create Wings & Inspiration?

W&I was created after I had gone through a burnout. I was a 33-year-old married- expat-mother of one child with a successful job at corporate level and yet I was not feeling I was enough. I was never feeling quite myself at work (like there was something wrong with me). I was constantly worried about my son being at day care, that my Swedish was never good enough and the negative list can go on and on, right?  One day I panicked and couldn’t move. I didn’t want to go to work and then I just started feeling pain in my knees, my neck, my back. It was obvious that my body had sent me the signals before, which I never listened until it got worse. I had to take a break from work for a couple of months (thanks to the Swedish system) and then with the help of yoga, meditation, ancestral tools and coaching I came back to myself, to the real me. During this discovery process I have learned more of my feminine lineage and received the wisdom of my Mexican roots.

The entire process took me years and still is a journey. But after learning that the problem was not the world around me and that I was not a victim I realize that with the right tools I could also help other women like me.

Wings & Inspiration is a space created for you to re-create yourself. To find your wings to fly the journey of your soul & the inspiration and courage to be the truest version of yourself.

How did you begin shaping what has now become a beautiful and uplifting way of helping others?

It started 10 years ago taking my own certifications as a yoga teacher and then as Life coach. Once I had that, I opened my own studio at my place in Solna where I had Ashtanga yoga classes and women’s circles. Of course, during the pandemic, it became more of an online healing and coaching practice.

Who were you before Wings & Inspiration and how has it change or improve you and your client’s life’s?

Before W&I I was just like a robot (lol), blinded just following the form and figure of the society I was living in. Now, I understand that it is up to me to create infinite opportunities and most of all that if I believe it, I can create it. I am a happier, healthier, and a more present version of myself for me and for the people around me.

This is one of my core teachings. You need to create the reality your soul desires. What is your soul longing for? Are you listening to her? If not, I will give you the tools to tune in to the same frequency. Either from the Women’s circles or the 1:1 coaching and healing sessions, all my clients get to experience the feeling of oneness with the soul, body, and mind already in the first session. It is a transforming journey that always starts with a relieving sound of hum!  

This is just the beginning! =)

Who could benefit from the services you offer and how?

All women that are looking for a space to feel and express freely. Women longing to find their voice and allow themselves to listen to their intuition. There is no right or wrong. This is your soul’s journey, and you are allowed to open your wings and let the inspiration take you towards a happier and better version of yourself.

We know you organise events such as Women’s circles, what can one expect from one of your events?

The women’s circles are a sacred and safe space to live your own process, but at the same time share and learn from each other. All my circles include mind, body and soul opening therapies that go from ancestral shamanic tools to more practical therapies that help you integrate the entire process at a mental, physical, and emotional level.

What is your biggest goal or dream?

To open an academy for more women to pass on this knowledge through generations. A Wings & Inspiration academy from women for women. Because what else is possible right? Yes, and more please.

Denise’s next women’s circle will take place on February the 10th 2024, join this and other upcoming events here. And if you’re interested in one of her coaching and healing sessions, visit her website here.

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