17 Apr 2024
Role Models: Trekillar, a Mexican music trio like no other
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Role Models: Trekillar, a Mexican music trio like no other

Trekillar is a music trio, who are bringing the colourful sounds of the traditional Mexican music to Sweden in their very unique way.

The band is formed by Rene on the violin, Niklas on the guitarrón and Alejandro on the vihuela.

Although it hasn’t been so easy for a band like them, playing such a particular musical style, to establish themselves in a country like Sweden, they have already managed to collect a line of ardent followers. That’s why we’ve chosen them as Role Models to be featured and talked about.

They guys are full-time musicians and besides Trekillar they have their own parallel music projects. Rene has a longtime solo career singing and composing under the name of Ranarex. His music reflects very well the modern Mexican music scene. Whilst Niklas has a more experimental project called Formatet, where he puts together rock influences, electronic sounds and dark lyrics that bring to mind bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Unkle. Meanwhile Alejandro is also a music teacher and has been approached by big brands like a well-known fast food giant to feature in their adverts. Just another example of how pronounced the influence of Mexican music and culture is in Sweden.

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