23 Jun 2024
Your Living City’s favourite Stockholm photos
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Your Living City’s favourite Stockholm photos

At Your Living City Stockholm we keep a finger on the pulse of the city’s heartbeat, bringing you the best that Stockholm has to offer, today we would like to bring you some of our favourite views of the Scandinavian capital, created by Stockholm-based photographer and artist Karen Pérez Guzmán.

Karen also goes under the moniker 1 Way Ticket Photography and she has been living in Stockholm and photographing our beloved city and the Swedish landscapes since 2010. But not only that, she and her camera have also been traveling around the world and capturing the beautiful views since 2004.

Karen is originally from Mexico and she just recently had her first solo exhibition at Kaknästornet, here in Stockholm. The exhibition showcased some of her best landscape photography from Stockholm, Sweden and around the world.

So we took the chance to share with you a selection of her photography work.

Here are some of our favourite snaps of Stockholm and its archipelago by Karen:
(click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

There is no doubt that the magic of Stockholm is really captured in these images! If you liked any of these photographs, you’ll be happy to know that Karen can offer a very exclusive limited edition of these photos in printed format. There will be only one printed copy of each each photo! The images have been printed on photographic paper sized 50x75cm and mounted on acrylic. So you actually have the chance to purchase any of these unique prints from as little as 2500kr.

To do so, get in touch with Karen through her website or facebook page.

Here are also some of Karen’s photographs from around Sweden:

And even more great landscape shots from around the world:

All of the above images can be also purchased from her, on the same limited edition terms, only one copy of each.

And don’t forget to follow Karen on Instagram as @1_way_ticket_photo_video

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