27 Sep 2023
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Navigating Life’s Transitions with Mental Well-being

Being in transit can be hard. I am letting go of one organised and happy existence, the result of hard work and adaptation, to once again move towards the unknown. I am heeding an inner call that trusts the process with more conviction than my own little ego-self feels right now. As I sit here, […]

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Promoting Community and Connection: Exploring a Stockholm Initiative for Age Inclusive Living

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” – Theodore Roosevelt. The Ett Tak Två Generationer (One Roof, Two Generations) initiative is a digital platform that helps match seniors with younger people looking for housing in Stockholm. The aim of the initiative is to create inter-generational living […]

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Essentials Moving to Sweden Work & Money

Moving to Stockholm? Here’s What You Need to Know About Taxes

Stockholm ranks 24th out of 231 countries in the world for its quality of living according to the latest survey conducted by Mercer, an American consulting firm. Sweden’s capital is known for its high quality of life, a strong economy, green spaces, good education and healthcare, and work-life balance. To maintain the wide range of public services and […]

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Stockholm

For some it is a fashion, for others it is a gastronomic trend and for many others a pro-animal philosophy. Whatever your reason may be, here is our round-up of the best vegan restaurants in Stockholm. Vegan: it is said of that type of food that eliminates any type of animal-based ingredients and derivatives (eggs, […]

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Essentials Featured Health

It’s Official – Stockholm’s Water is the Best in Europe

Clean and safe drinking water is one of the most fundamental human needs. Yet while 90 percent of the world’s population has access to water, the majority, even in the developed world, would be reluctant to drink it from the tap. When you look at some of the high-profile cases of contamination such as Flint, […]

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Housing Lifestyle

Snowy Stockholm: How the City Deals With the Winter Season

Stockholm is famous for it’s relatively cool and pleasant summers, but in the winter half of the year, the city at times transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland. While the snowy landscape can inspire you to dress well for the season for an Instagram-worthy photo, it can be bitterly cold since temperatures can drop to below 0°C from […]

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GEN(I)US AMANITA – the healing mushroom

Amanita phalloides, also known as the death cap, is the world’s most toxic mushroom. It contains alpha-amanitin which is responsible for causing liver and kidney failure. Ingestion of just half a cap can lead to death! The world’s most deadly fungus is common in Sweden. This genus is responsible for approximately 95% of the fatalities resulting […]

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Essentials Housing Uncategorized

Ways Stockholm Households and Businesses Can Save Energy

Soaring energy costs of households and businesses are worrying, but the Swedish government announced that it can absorb some of the expenses. At the same time, the Swedish Energy Agency’s campaign, ‘Every kilowatt hour (kWh) counts’ hopes to reduce electricity use and prevent shortages this winter by encouraging households and businesses to adopt simple energy-saving measures. […]

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Community Health

Make the best out of life by letting go

Sometimes in life we feel just stuck. It may be a difficult, temporary situation where we cannot see any light. It may also be a pattern, or tendency for putting ourselves into specific positions or events, almost like deliberately exposing ourselves to troubles. The harder you’re trying to avoid it in your life, the more […]

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Education Essentials Housing

How to Find Student Housing in Stockholm

Living independently is a valuable skill that every person should develop. It is especially useful for students who are accustomed to living with their parents. This helps to gain new emotional independence and also to develop effective communication and life management skills. Student housing is an excellent place to do so and make new friends […]

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