29 May 2024
Moving to Sweden
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How to find the best online broker to invest in Swedish stocks

Embarking on the journey of investing in Swedish stocks is an exciting venture. The key to success lies in selecting the right online broker, one that aligns perfectly with your investment goals and navigates the unique terrain of the Swedish stock market with ease. Understanding the Swedish Stock Market Key Characteristics At the heart of […]

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Promoting Community and Connection: Exploring a Stockholm Initiative for Age Inclusive Living

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” – Theodore Roosevelt. The Ett Tak Två Generationer (One Roof, Two Generations) initiative is a digital platform that helps match seniors with younger people looking for housing in Stockholm. The aim of the initiative is to create inter-generational living […]

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Moving to Stockholm? Here’s What You Need to Know About Taxes

Stockholm ranks 24th out of 231 countries in the world for its quality of living according to the latest survey conducted by Mercer, an American consulting firm. Sweden’s capital is known for its high quality of life, a strong economy, green spaces, good education and healthcare, and work-life balance. To maintain the wide range of public services and […]

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Home Birth Is Now A Real Option In Stockholm

Home Birth Is Now A Real Option In Stockholm Many of us in the birth community, as well as expectant parents, have been wondering why home birth has not been a common choice, or even much of an option, here in Sweden. The great news is that now, at least in Stockholm, it is! Karolinska […]

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YLC’s Tips To Save You From Accommodation Scams in Stockholm

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is not an easy task. It can actually feel kind of overwhelming. It is not like in many other countries, where people just rent out their properties and you can easily find them on web listings… Oh no! Not in Sweden. Plus you’ll find people who are ready to take advantage […]

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Finding a rental apartment in Stockholm

Looking for a rental apartment in Stockholm? Shirley Å Johansson gives an inside view into some of the industry tips (and pitfalls) within Stockholm’s rental market. She writes “has the Stockholm rental market left you confused and frustrated? You’re certainly not alone. It took several conversations before I could even wrap my head around it. These discussions were peppered with words like “ förstahandskontrakt”, “ andrahandskontrakt”…

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Java Whiskers – Sweden’s First Cat Café

Cats – darlings of the internet and controllers of many happy cat-owners’ lives – have now a place for cat-worship, socialising and adoption here in Stockholm at Surbrunnsgatan 48. We’re talking about Java Whiskers Cat Café, which opened its doors on February 16th, 2019 and has since then worked as a cat influencer and a bridge between […]

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International Parents Integration Project Stockholm launched

Surprising figures show that over 60%⑴ of expat working immigration assignments fail due to lack of support for the accompanying family. Despite the best intentions of integration projects, business and the families themselves, there is a clear lack of dedicated integration initiatives aimed at this particular demographic. The International Parents Integration Project Stockholm (The IPI […]

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An International Student’s First Impression of Swedes

Exactly three weeks after arriving to Stockholm as an international student, Natalia Londoño is ready to speak up about her first impressions of the city and most importantly its people. But first… some context. Judging from the title, I think you already know why I am here. Attracted by a great academic program, and with […]

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Transfer Money without Transaction Fees

If you need to send money to your home country or elsewhere abroad, let OFX take care of your currency transfers and save you time and money. Your Living City has negotiated a further benefit for you – no transaction fees!   As expats, we often need to use international money transfers on the foreign […]

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