20 Apr 2024

World’s Largest “Wood City” To Be Built In Stockholm

Stockholm Wood City — the “world’s largest mass timber project” — will be constructed in Sickla, just southeast of central Stockholm, and take shape as “a vibrant, urban environment with a mix of workplaces, housing, restaurants and shops,” a press release reveals. Featuring 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 homes, spanning 250,000 square meters in total, the City […]

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Promoting Community and Connection: Exploring a Stockholm Initiative for Age Inclusive Living

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” – Theodore Roosevelt. The Ett Tak Två Generationer (One Roof, Two Generations) initiative is a digital platform that helps match seniors with younger people looking for housing in Stockholm. The aim of the initiative is to create inter-generational living […]

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Snowy Stockholm: How the City Deals With the Winter Season

Stockholm is famous for it’s relatively cool and pleasant summers, but in the winter half of the year, the city at times transforms into a beautiful winter wonderland. While the snowy landscape can inspire you to dress well for the season for an Instagram-worthy photo, it can be bitterly cold since temperatures can drop to below 0°C from […]

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Ways Stockholm Households and Businesses Can Save Energy

Soaring energy costs of households and businesses are worrying, but the Swedish government announced that it can absorb some of the expenses. At the same time, the Swedish Energy Agency’s campaign, ‘Every kilowatt hour (kWh) counts’ hopes to reduce electricity use and prevent shortages this winter by encouraging households and businesses to adopt simple energy-saving measures. […]

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How to Find Student Housing in Stockholm

Living independently is a valuable skill that every person should develop. It is especially useful for students who are accustomed to living with their parents. This helps to gain new emotional independence and also to develop effective communication and life management skills. Student housing is an excellent place to do so and make new friends […]

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How Stockholm Homeowners Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is as important as outdoor air quality, and improving it depends on various factors, including the characteristics of the building and its location, as well as the ventilation. In recent times, both homeowners and the Swedish National Board of Housing and Planning in Stockholm have tried to identify how they can improve the […]

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Stockholm and Sustainable Construction: Towards a Climate Positive City

Stockholm has one of the world’s most ambitious goals of becoming a fossil-fuel free and climate positive city by the year 2040. However, in addition to efforts such as lessening fossil-fueled transportation and normalising eco-friendly methods like bike riding, sustainable construction is yet another way that Stockholm is leading the way in becoming as green a […]

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YLC’s Tips To Save You From Accommodation Scams in Stockholm

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is not an easy task. It can actually feel kind of overwhelming. It is not like in many other countries, where people just rent out their properties and you can easily find them on web listings… Oh no! Not in Sweden. Plus you’ll find people who are ready to take advantage […]

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Finding a rental apartment in Stockholm

Looking for a rental apartment in Stockholm? Shirley Å Johansson gives an inside view into some of the industry tips (and pitfalls) within Stockholm’s rental market. She writes “has the Stockholm rental market left you confused and frustrated? You’re certainly not alone. It took several conversations before I could even wrap my head around it. These discussions were peppered with words like “ förstahandskontrakt”, “ andrahandskontrakt”…

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Looking for a Flat in Stockholm: What to Expect

Has the Stockholm rental market left you confused and frustrated? You’re certainly not alone! Check out the YLC guide!

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