18 Jul 2024
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New performance festival to be held at Teater Giljotin

The first edition of Ankoku International Performance Festival will be held at Teater Giljotin in Stockholm on the 16-21 May. Teater Giljotin is collaborating with Emergency Theatre from Bulgaria for the first ever Ankoku International Performance Festival, to promote an artistic language with a strong avant-garde and transgressive nature. “ANKOKU” stands for darkness as a […]

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Networking Theatre

Improv(e) your life

Per Gottfredson spent over 3 decades performing and teaching. He’s one of the founders and directors of Stockholms Improvisationsteater, located in the heart of the city. He runs a very special place – a theater where everyone can become a performer. That’s the beauty of improv – spontaneous ensemble theater. Today we are talking about all […]

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STOFF X – Stockholm Fringe Festival turns 10

YLC was present at the opening night of the 10th edition of  STOFF – Stockholm Fringe Festival at Orion Theatre on September 3rd. It was a very emotive night with brave and edgy speeches, stories and performances from some of the invited artists to this year’s festival alongside the organisers and other special guests. In […]

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Satan’s Dead marking the end of an unprecedented series of performances

An era is coming to an end… The four year adventure of the Satans Demokrati (Satan’s Democracy) trilogy of unprecedented multidisciplinary art happenings are soon to cease to exist together with site that has hosted it all, the scrapped office complex in Sickla, which is soon to be demolished. Perhaps those who expected the theatrical elements to have a bigger […]

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Improvised Troubadour Tales

International Theater Stockholm is bringing us Troubadour Tales – a new improvised show about dreams. It will run alongside their improv classic Lost in Translation this fall. What is Troubadour Tales? “Troubadour Tales” is a completely improvised show that explores how the pursuit of our dreams drives our lives. And all the obstacles we are willing to […]

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CLICK! Acclaimed photo-based improv show comes to Stockholm

International Theater Stockholm is bringing Tim Orr (from San Fransisco) and Inbal Lori (from Tel Aviv) to Stockholm to perform their improv show “CLICK”. The duo uses photographs provided by the audience to find inspiration for their characters and situations. Tim and Inbal are known as skillful improvisers and their show has been warmly received by audiences all over […]

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A Place To Be You – Improv in Stockholm

Josh Lenn from International Theater Stockholm tells how improv helped him connect with people in Stockholm and how it’s all grown into a vibrant community. Moving to Sweden from San Francisco seven years ago was a huge challenge for me. Leaving the community I had behind and not understanding the Swedish cultural codes, at times […]

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British Comedian Josie Long comes to Stockholm

Laughing Stock is bringing award-winning British comedian Josie Long to Stockholm for her first shows in Sweden. She can be seen in the intimate Kafé Klavér on the 2nd and 3rd October. Josie Long is the star of BBC Radio Four’s All Of The Planet’s Wonders and Short Cuts – as seen on BBC1’s Have […]

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IT’S an Improvible Mission – improv comedy in English

The producers of Lost in Translation bring you their new explosive improv comedy show – MISSION IMPROVIBLE. It’s a completely improvised spy action thriller in English! In a world where action movies have 100 million dollar budgets and computer generated 3D special effects, five improvisers face their biggest challenge yet. They will take on the […]

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YLC’s Top Picks – Culture Festival and We Are STHLM

This year’s Stockholm Culture Festival puts the spotlight on the UK and offers all forms of culture from music to contemporary circus to dance – all for free. We’ve put together some of our top picks from the programme day-by-day. Tuesday 11th August The opening day’s must-see act is the Tensta Gospel Choir, who are […]

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