5 Dec 2023
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Grandi Marchi ‘Great Italian wines ‘ visit Stockholm

The “Istituto Grandi Marchi” visited Stockholm last month – “Istituto Grandi Marchi” is the result of the determination and enthusiasm of eighteen of the most important Italian wineries to promote the culture and commercialisation of Italian high quality wine on world markets. Your Living City was there at a unique master class where we had […]

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Washoku TOMO – irresistible and artful Japanese food in Stockholm

In the words of chef and owner Tomoko Hayashi, Washoku TOMO is nothing special, just a restaurant that serves proper Japanese food at rightful prices. After our visit to the restaurant and a chat with Tomoko, we can’t help but argue that statement… Washoku TOMO is much more than nothing special, this restaurant is an […]

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Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Wines In Stockholm

Sweden has a well-established wine culture, and from 2001 to 2020, data shows that wine accounted for 34% of the country’s total alcohol consumption. In 2021, this figure jumped to 44% as Sweden’s wine market continues to evolve. Still, the country continues to be strict when it comes to access to alcohol. If you’re in Stockholm or […]

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Travel to Terre di Pisa to discover new wine frontiers

Many Swedish tourists travel to Italy and Tuscany every year just to enjoy and learn about well-known fantastic wines such as Chianti. But Terre di Pisa has only recently emerged as a strong up-and-coming wine frontier yet to discover. Your Living City was invited to a presentation about the wonders of the region, held by […]

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6 Best Places to Visit in Stockholm for Christmas

Stockholm is a great city to visit during Christmas time. With its picturesque cobbled streets, traditional Swedish architecture, and twinkling lights from the Christmas markets, Stockholm can be an enchanting place to explore around the holidays. Stockholm has something for everyone this season, from beautiful churches to festive events and activities. If you’re looking for […]

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Ways Stockholm Households and Businesses Can Save Energy

Soaring energy costs of households and businesses are worrying, but the Swedish government announced that it can absorb some of the expenses. At the same time, the Swedish Energy Agency’s campaign, ‘Every kilowatt hour (kWh) counts’ hopes to reduce electricity use and prevent shortages this winter by encouraging households and businesses to adopt simple energy-saving measures. […]

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Raoul Wallenberg – The Rescuer

Working on a documentary film The Rescuers about Raoul Wallenberg gave me a great opportunity to meet a  lot of interesting people last summer. The director Michael King and his crew came from LA and Israel to meet and interview survivors, who were rescued from the Nazis. This is how I came to know the […]

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Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins is honoured with Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

During the screening of The Son at Skandia, on the 12 of November Sir Anthony Hopkins received the 7.3kg Bronze Horse for a truly extraordinary career in films. He is the baker’s son from Wales who took Hollywood by storm. During his six decades as an actor Hopkins has given life to a long row […]

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Director Sam Mendes is awarded the Stockholm Visionary Award

“I only attend festivals that give me prizes, actually I only accept the heavy ones!” This is how Sam Mendes humorously commented on receiving the golden Dala horse the night of the 9th of November at the Skandia cinema. He won the prestigious Stockholm Visionary Award 2022 for his extraordinary work – from the shocking […]

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Art Exhibitions in Stockholm – Gallery Duerr

What happens when men pose as women and women pose as men? I paint naked drag in flesh layers. Naked Drag is gender subversive poses posed by naked bodies, using the power of the pose alone to both identify and deconstruct gender roles.  Founded 2008 by designer Deborah Duerr, Galleri Duerr believes art exhibitions are great […]

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