21 Jun 2024
It’s Taco Fredag!
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It’s Taco Fredag!

It’s no secret that Sweden loves Mexican food. There’s even a day of the week dedicated to it: ‘Taco Fredag’ Taco Friday, when Sweden gathers around the dining table to eat a good taco.

It’s such a thing that even the Swedish Church has tweeted a gif of Jesus craving taco, saying “When it finally is #tacofredag”. Creating a lot of criticism by some.

tacofredag twit

And even if there are many ways to prepare a taco dinner, in this video our Mexican friends, chef Vanessa Berthier and Carlos Ortega share with us their recipes for vegetarian mushroom tacos, pico de gallo and guacamole.

So this Taco Fredag you will have no excuse, impress friends and family with an authentic Mexican recipe.




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