17 Apr 2024
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Sweden’s new barbecue trend – the Kamado grill

In the heart of Sweden’s outdoor cooking culture, a new trend is emerging. The Kamado grill, an ancient Japanese concept redefined with modern ceramic technology, is changing the way Swedes barbecue.  This versatile cooking tool is not just a grill; it’s a revolution in the garden. In this article, we tell you more about why […]

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Sthlm Food & Wine Fair: A Gastronomic Extravaganza

This weekend marked a culinary fiesta at the Sthlm Food & Wine Fair—a unique experience day where new flavors took center stage. Enthusiasts from near and far gathered for a delectable journey featuring wine and food tastings, inspiration from renowned chefs, champagne extravaganzas, mouthwatering pastries and chocolates, irresistible street food, an array of beers, spirits, […]

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Save Food with Too Good To Go

How much of the groceries you buy every week end up in the bin, because you didn’t manage to consume them before they went off? Imagine then the amount of food that restaurants and shops have to trash for the same reason… Saving food has never been as imperative as it is today and companies […]

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Expat Cookbook: Spiced Up Chipotle Salmon

Spice up any date, any day of the week, any occasion with this easy to cook spiced up chipotle salmon. The Mexican in me almost rules out the possibility of having any kind of fish dish without a hint or a load some of chilli. However the predominant smoky flavour of the chipotle over its […]

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Summer Party Treat: Spicy Chicken Arancini

Marrying a love for Chinese fried rice with the Italian passion for turning left over risotto into yummylicious arancini minus the worry of deep-frying induced heart burn yields a refreshingly different finger food that hits all the right aromatic and taste bud tingling notes… …Perfect for summer partying in Stockholm!   Ingredients: ½ cup arborio […]

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It’s Taco Fredag!

It’s no secret that Sweden loves Mexican food. There’s even a day of the week dedicated to it: ‘Taco Fredag’ Taco Friday, when Sweden gathers around the dining table to eat a good taco. It’s such a thing that even the Swedish Church has tweeted a gif of Jesus craving taco, saying “When it finally […]

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Treat Baking Enthusiasts To A Cookbook On Scandinavian Baking

Have you delighted your friends with your homemade Swedish cinnamon buns, ginger snaps or rye bread? And they are now wondering what good recipe books on Scandinavian baking can they lay their hands on? Ones where this European region’s baking’s well-being is celebrated with cakes made with real butter? Ones where entire festivals are dedicated […]

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Buon Natale! Italian wine and prosecco suggestions for the holiday season

In 2015 Systembolaget alone sold 193,6 million liters of wine, approximately 55 million of which came from Italy. Why, you might wonder? Because the sun hits Italy so much harder, so the grapes grow  beautifully and produce wines rich in flavour and aroma. What a contrast this makes with the 5 months of winter we have to […]

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Double treat: Stockholm Food & Wine and Fotomässan

Last weekend we had the chance to experience a half a week of fun at Stockholmsmässan, when two of the most awaited fairs of the year took place. I’m talking about Fotomässan and Stockholm Food & Wine. Being a photographer myself, what more could one ask for, than some days of shuffling through camera gadgets, photographs and photo-masterclasses, […]

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Vegan Vikings Week & Vegovision

“Maybe we could have one day a week where we eat vegetarian together?” he said while ingesting one last slice of bacon. When my partner, the most carnivore being I know, wants to do “meat free Mondays”, you know something is underway. It is not just another trend that will come and go, it is […]

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