8 Jun 2023
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Stockholm Beauty Week to Host its 11th Annual Fair in Premiere Location at Berns

As spring is in full swing, Stockholm Beauty Week prepares to host its 11th annual fair at Berns, with a plethora of events lined up for attendees. This year’s event marks a premiere location for the fair, as it is held across three floors, with exhibitors showcasing beauty and lifestyle products. The program for this […]

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The Best Beauty Brands From Stockholm That You Need To Know About

Swedes have an impeccable sense of style that leans towards clean design and quality, mixed with a few of the latest trends of the season. To match this chic and classic aesthetic, they tend to go for a fresh, clean, and natural-looking makeup to achieve an effortless look. While most of the locals take a minimalist […]

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Want A New Look For Summer? Check Out These Hot Hair Trends To Upgrade Your Style

Stockholm is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and locals put a lot of thought on their appearance, particularly on their outfits, skin, and hair. In fact, Sweden’s hair industry is expected to have a CAGR of 2.81% from 2021-2025. Many are on the lookout for the latest trends when it comes to […]

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Why Stockholm is an Ethical Fashion Powerhouse

Sweden’s fashion industry is huge, representing 11% of the country’s total exports. The most prominent brands are represented at Stockholm’s fashion district, where people from around the world chase after the latest clothing trends. This is where Sweden’s famous Fashion Week takes place, but it’s more than just a place to up your style game. Stockholm […]

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Great Places In Stockholm To Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing

Sweden is right up there in the world’s Top 4 when it comes to gender equality. In all aspects of life, men and women are treated equally. 50% of the government cabinet are women, something that is certainly not commonplace worldwide. And when it comes to equality in fashion, Sweden is also leading the way. Gender-neutral […]

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Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm

Sweden and Denmark are the biggest consumers of cosmetics and haircare products in Europe, with shampoos being the most popular item that people buy. If you are in Stockholm and want to get a Scandi haircut, there are some great hair stylists in the city. You can have your hair professionally cut, coloured, and styled using a […]

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Slow Fashion: How to inspire a generation to repair, reuse and recycle their old clothing

Sustainability and fashion haven’t always gone hand-in-hand, but there’s a new idea taking root which holds to the boundary-pushing origins of the industry while promoting longevity and green thinking too. The slow movement is here and with it comes slow fashion. In this article, you’ll find information on: Exploring the Slow Movement The rise of […]

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Fashionable Places to See and Be Seen in Stockholm

Sweden is host to an array of fashion firms, from H&M to small independent designers. In the report The Spaces and Places of Swedish Fashion, Hauge Atle says, “Alongside the mass market retail chains, there is a cluster of niche-oriented, small- and medium-sized Swedish fashion firms with a brand-focused business strategy.” The idea that independent designers have always […]

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Slow Fashion Show – Sustainable Fashion

Reduce, reuse and recycle also counts for fashion! In the hope that we the consumers become a significant actor in the fashion-consumerism game change, the Czech Centre organised on March 3rd, a Slow Fashion show with a discussion panel in collaboration with A House Stockholm, the Czech Embassy in Stockholm and the schools of art […]

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Nordic Lab – Laboratory for young fashion brands

During Fashion Week Trade at the beginning of this month, we were invited by the Stockholm Fashion District to the launch of Nordic Lab 2020, following a program to support upcoming, young fashion brands with all the tools they need to thrive in the modern and competitive world of fashion. One of the functions of […]

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