14 Jul 2024
Unmissable TV this autumn
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Unmissable TV this autumn

Unmissable TV this autumn

Autumn is here and whether we want it or not we become a little bit more comfortable staying at home and cozying up on our sofas enjoying a good film or a good tv show. And some of Sweden’s biggest TV channels know it!

We had a chance to have a sneak peek on what  TV4, TV 7 (Sjuan), TV12, TV4 Play and C more will have in their programming and premiering this autumn. Want to know what’s coming? Here are Your Living City’s must-not-miss TV picks.



TV series starting in October on TV4, a hospital drama about four nurses Iris (Celie Chevron), Julia (Marall Nasiri), Malin (Tanja Lorentzon) and Carina (Jeanette Holmgren). The series takes place in an emergency room in Stockholm and the life in the hospital is lined with drama, excitement and romance when the nurses contend with tough cases and tangled personal life.


Hur Svår Kan Det Va?
Hur Svår Kan Det Va?


“Trump will win because he seems so tricky. He will fool her when she goes and pees and then he wins. “

You have probably not heard an analysis so intriguing as this one of the upcoming US election  before. It comes from one of the children in the new humor programme Hur svårt kan det va? (How hard can it be?) The program is led by Peter Settman premiering in October on TV4. In Hur svårt kan det va? he guides a lucid, funny and quick-witted child panel that gives their views on adults’ problems and provides direct, and not entirely conventional solutions and answers. Surprisingly honest and entertaining discussions from the children’s perspective, alternated with funny sketches.




The successful crime drama is back!

Some series strike like a bomb, such as C More‘s first Swedish series Gåsmamman. It was loved by both viewers and critics and has reinforced the fact that Sweden has well mastered the art of making drama series.

In season two Sonja (Alexandra Rapaport) and her children return to Sweden after living and hiding in Australia. They have protected identities and no friends or family know that they are back. In the wait of the trial of Sonja’s brother Niklas the main witness is brutally murdered. The nightmare is not over and now begins the hunt for Sonja and the children.




Channel 7 (Sjuan) presents new bachelor Sebastian Ljungberg, 37, in search of someone to share his life with. He grew up in Stockholm, but has been living in Norway for the past three years. Sebastian works as a chef and thrives in both calm and noisy environments. He longs to meet a secure, beautiful girl who looks at life from its bright side, who loves challenges and who dares to take chances.

Sebastian‘s expectation is that the dream woman is among the 20 girls who flocked to the exotic Aruba. For those of you new to the Bachelor dynamics, each week there’s a rose ceremony where Sebastian has to pick the women he wants to continue to meet and give them a rose that they can choose to accept or decline. The question is whether he will find someone to love.

In exclusive for TV4 Play is the program The girls reveal it all that is released after each Bachelor broadcast in Channel 7 (Sjuan). There, the girls will speak out about what really happened in the island and the viewers get to look behind the scenes where the love story unfolds. Host Malin Stenbäck shows unique material, uncut sequences and sheds new light on the bachelor’s adventure.


Jävla Klåpare
Jävla Klåpare


Jävla Klåpare (damn bunglers) is TV12‘s first comedy series premiering also in October, where the viewers get to follow carpenters Dane (Måns Nathanaelson) and his apprentice Marre (Anastasios Soulis). To come home just after lunch every day, only work with “uncomplicated dudes” and unnoticed been able to cheat their working hours is part of their day to day. But when the construction manager Roland (Leif Andree) says that the company needs to be modernised, become more transparent and efficient, the situation turns very complicated. Roland then employs painter Weronica (Liv Mjönes), a tough woman with a high work ethic, Dane and Marre now have to learn to work and deal with her as well as the remarkable mission of meeting customers who are increasingly demanding from these home carpenters to couples who are actually trying to renovate their relationship as well.



“It’s the most dramatic US election of all time” Marcus Oscarsson

TV4‘s experienced correspondents Rolf Porseryd, Elizabeth Frerot and Samir Abu Eid are in place in the US to cover the elections and follow the thriller Trump vs. Clinton for all audiences in Sweden.

From the the TV4 studios, political expert Marcus Oscarsson will deliver and analyse all the election statistics that pops up.

TV4‘s coverage of the US election will be a unique, impressive and extensive live program that gives viewers everything they need. The marathon program begins in the morning on Tuesday, 8/11 in Nyhetsmorgon and continues well into the morning on Wednesday, 9/11. The broadcast, will offer a flow of about 30 hours of coverage – you can follow the most of it on TV4, and the entire coverage on TV4 Play. On site in the United States are five experienced reporters and correspondents with their own focus:

Rolf PorserydHillary Clinton

Elizabeth FREROTDonald Trump

Samir Abu Eid – The American electorate

Jenny Östergren – The American electorate

Ann Tiberg – The American electorate



“I’m so happy now – music is life, damn it”

Danny Saucedo’s words during one of many emotional evenings in the upcoming season of Så mycket bättre (So much better). This year, together with Danny, Lisa Ekdahl, Little Jinder, Tommy Nilsson, Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson from Weeping Willows are moving in to Grå Gåsen, Gotland, to interpret each other’s songs and live together.

Besides every day with music and activities with a personal twist, the artists create an atmospheric tribute program to Mr Freddie Wadling who was supposed to join them in Gotland, but suddenly passed away just before the shooting began. A novelty this year is that the final duet program is put aside and instead the artists celebrate Swedish music legends. First up is Ted Gärdestad, whose tunes are interpreted, and on site is his brother Kenneth, telling their stories. Expect the premiere on TV4 in October.




New stars, new jury – Idol 2016

Hit-maker Fredrik Kempe, international PR ace Nikki Amini and star producer Quincy Jones III are the new Idol jury. With their expertise, their passion and their good understanding of the new music market, they have been out on tour and got to meet the dreamers, kraving, unique and talented applicants. By their side is the program’s host Pär Lernström.

Many of today’s well established music stars have started their careers in Idol and the question we ask ourselves is; Who will be the Swedish Idol 2016?

Idol’s season start was on August 22, the live qualifier week started the 19 of September and the Friday finals will start on the 30rd of September .

The grand final will be in Globen on December 9.




What is it like to live the single life in Sweden today? Maybe it’s easier than ever with the various dating sites or apps, swipe right or left to find that amazing passionate love, for life or at least for a night. In Singelliv, viewers will get to know and follow the six singles from different parts of Sweden and their uncensored reality, told by themselves.

They have been filming themselves for some months and in the program they share the frank reality of how it is to live a single life – with all that implies. It is intimate, honest and you’ll see the protagonists being torn between anguish and great crises during life’s best moments.

Singelliv has released their first four episodes on September 6 on TV4 Play.


C More films
C More films


“Who am I to talk about loneliness ?!”

If Matt Damon in The Martian would’ve had access to the films that will premiere this autumn on C More when being up there on Mars, he wouldn’t have thought about loneliness. On offer is a delightful mix of Oscar winners, heavyweights like Spielberg and Tarantino plus Swedish films that have charmed audiences and critics alike.

C More provides a little description of some of the premiering films:

Survival skills are put to the test in both The Martian as in The Revenant. Leonardo Di Caprio won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant where his character Hugh during an expedition to the unexplored American wilderness is attacked by a bear and left to die by the others in his squad.

In the Oscar nominated film The Martian, Matt Damon is alone stranded on Mars. His ingenuity, intelligence and strength are tested as he tries to make it home alive. Space is also the focus of Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey is part of a research team that through a wormhole embarks himself on an interstellar space mission to save humanity.

Another Oscar film is the drama The Theory of Everything, where Eddie Redmayne makes an Oscar-winning performance in the role of Stephen Hawkins. This autumn on C More you will even find The Hateful Eight and Bridge of Spies from star directors Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg.

Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa in Creed and Jennifer Lawrence plays Joy on the reality-based drama of the same name.

C More movies stream on cmore.se or via C More apps.


What are you most excited to see this Autumn? Is it a film? A TV show? Comment and let us know! We would like to hear from you and share our thoughts with you!

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