14 Jul 2024
Lost in Systemet: 5 Drinks for Balmy Evenings

Lost in Systemet: 5 Drinks for Balmy Evenings

To be spoiled for choice is a marvelous thing! Expats as well as Swedes have strong opinions about whether the government owned monopoly does indeed provide depth of range when it comes the sea of alcoholic beverages known to mankind.  YLC’s Vanessa Le Grange is here to give us a tour of the best of the best.

One would have to agree that the well stocked shelves represent unknown territory especially when confronted with product description labels which differ marginally for a given category.  It is quite to easy to miss out on trying something new and to stick with what you know.  Inspired by the warmer weather we’ve had recently, we’ve compiled a list of 5 drinks for under 100SEK to accompany leisurely socializing in warmer weather. Look out for these wines when visiting Systemet next:

White wine

2012. Cami Salié, South-West France, Jurançon, Jurançon Sec.
Price: 99SEK
Product Code: 5385
Why choose it:  It’s an elegant, rich and refreshing white wine made from local (South West France) grape varieties Petit And Gros Manseng. It’s so easy to pair anything from seafood, smoky cold cuts to fussy wine drinkers with this wine. Lovely!

Red wine

2012. Les Dauphins Côtes du Rhône Reserve Villages. Côtes du Rhône
Price: 79 SEK
Product Code:  72458
Why choose it:  Hardly expensive for an easy drinking, fruity wine with a hint of spice and warmth. The 20’s inspired Great Gatsby’esque label doesn’t hurt either. Great with grilled lamb or beef prepared in whichever way and for making a good sauce.

2012. 6 Sesta Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Cantina Valle Dell’Acate, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily
Price: 99kr
Product Code: 2318
Why choose it: Cerasuolo di Vittoria is the most recognised wine from Sicily. This medium bodied wine with fruity strawberry, cherry and herbaceous flavours will pair well with a quick and easy dish like spaghetti puttanesca or Mediterranean inspired dishes.

Sparkling wine

Charles Wantz Crémant d’Alsace Carte Noir Brut, Alsace, France
Price: 89kr
Product Code: 7737
Why choose it: A well made, fruity sparkling wine which could serve as an aperitif or paired with plain crisps. Bubbles and food with crunchy textures work so well together. Why not panko crusted fish or chicken or even Thai inspired dishes to accompany this wine?


Camden Pale Ale 
Price: 18 SEK
Product Code: 1441
Why choose it: This good old British Ale is best summarised as crispy. It is really well balanced with just the right amount of flavour and refreshment. Thirst quenching and stylishly paired with oysters and a hint of lemon.


  • Do ask store assistants for help if you need more information or would like some advice.
  • Staff generally appreciate tips and recommendations from customers – feel free to share.
  • Decide on the atmosphere you’d like to create, then food and lastly match your drinks accordingly. It sounds deceptively easy but lack of planning could lead to a last minute nightmare.



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