8 Dec 2023
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Why Stockholm is a Fantastic City For Geeks

Stockholm has long been known for its attitude of acceptance. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is something in the city for you. There is a big movie culture, with particular interest in indie films, sci-fi and fantasy. Sweden’s history is steeped in folklore and the incredible legends and characters […]

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Fashionable Places to See and Be Seen in Stockholm

Sweden is host to an array of fashion firms, from H&M to small independent designers. In the report The Spaces and Places of Swedish Fashion, Hauge Atle says, “Alongside the mass market retail chains, there is a cluster of niche-oriented, small- and medium-sized Swedish fashion firms with a brand-focused business strategy.” The idea that independent designers have always […]

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Stockholm’s Thriving Tattoo Culture

Sweden leads the world’s tattoo culture: a recent survey has revealed that 47 percent of people in the country have at least one tattoo. People living in Stockholm are also among the most tattooed people in the world, with 33 percent of its residents having one or more tattoos. Stockholm has long been known to be a […]

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Slow Fashion Show – Sustainable Fashion

Reduce, reuse and recycle also counts for fashion! In the hope that we the consumers become a significant actor in the fashion-consumerism game change, the Czech Centre organised on March 3rd, a Slow Fashion show with a discussion panel in collaboration with A House Stockholm, the Czech Embassy in Stockholm and the schools of art […]

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Hello March, we’ve been waiting for you! Always hoping that this month will bring the blooming of an anticipated spring, lots of events and happenings lining up to take us into bright rides of joy and expectation. Here’s a round up of hand-picked events and experiences for you to glide into spring in style. SEASONAL […]

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Why a Doula is a Must for Birthing Abroad

Having moved from the UK to The Netherlands at the age of 22 with no job, nowhere to live, and a partner who’d never even visited the place, I figured that moving to Sweden thirteen years later would be easy. Sure, I didn’t speak much of the language, but I could understand some, and yes, […]

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Incredible Places to Cycle in Stockholm

Cycling is not just a way of getting around the city in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way — it is also a great way to get fit and stay healthy. (No wonder the sales of bicycles in Sweden have gone up by 20% in the last four years!) After all, it is certainly more pleasant cycling in the fresh […]

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Nordic Lab – Laboratory for young fashion brands

During Fashion Week Trade at the beginning of this month, we were invited by the Stockholm Fashion District to the launch of Nordic Lab 2020, following a program to support upcoming, young fashion brands with all the tools they need to thrive in the modern and competitive world of fashion. One of the functions of […]

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Survival! A fashion experience out of the ordinary

Survival! A fashion experience out of the ordinary, took place on February 5th at Stockholm Fashion District in Nacka Strand. The fashion show became the culminating opportunity for buyers, press and agents as well as the fashion-interested public to appreciate the most stylish and trendiest outfits, with which the contributing brands at Stockholm Fashion Week […]

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Soccer Starz – A football school for kids

Soccer Starz is a football course for kids ages 2 to 6 years old which is ran in English, by professional, friendly and fun coaches. As a father of two dual nationality children, me and my wife looked into the possible courses which we could send them to. We found that no courses were ran […]

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