18 Jul 2024
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Amazing Places to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday in Stockholm

90% of people would prefer to celebrate their birthday with friends, and it is common for a child’s birthday party to be with classmates and loved ones. Often there is a traditional Princesstårta, a sponge cake that is covered with a deceiving layer of green marzipan. There will be singing of Ja, må han/hon leva – […]

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Home Birth Is Now A Real Option In Stockholm

Home Birth Is Now A Real Option In Stockholm Many of us in the birth community, as well as expectant parents, have been wondering why home birth has not been a common choice, or even much of an option, here in Sweden. The great news is that now, at least in Stockholm, it is! Karolinska […]

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Summer Fun: Top Stockholm Bathing Spots

Looking for a beach in Stockholm? Check out the YLC list of the top 5 swimming spots in the city!

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Reduce Waste! Bring Your Own Container

Bring Your Own Container is an initiative driven by Zero Waste Stockholm. The principle is basically to bring your own containers from home to the restaurant and/or bulk shops to purchase your take-away food or bulk groceries. By following this initiative you reduce considerably the amount of waste produced from the single-use packaging used to […]

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Save Food with Too Good To Go

How much of the groceries you buy every week end up in the bin, because you didn’t manage to consume them before they went off? Imagine then the amount of food that restaurants and shops have to trash for the same reason… Saving food has never been as imperative as it is today and companies […]

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Maternity & Paternity Leave in Sweden

Sweden has one of the most generous parental leave (föräldraledighet) systems in the world. Parents are given 480 days of leave per child, and 390 of these days are paid at a rate of 80% of your salary up to a capped limited of 1006 SEK a day. If you are coming from the USA, […]

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Take the Plunge: Amazing Swimming Experiences in Stockholm

Swedish people are known for their love of the outdoors and nature — particularly when it comes to exercise. In a country that is so beautiful, Swedes often make the most of the rivers, lakes and mountains and really enjoy some wild swimming. There is even an annual ice swim race where people compete in some of the coldest […]

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Slow Fashion: How to inspire a generation to repair, reuse and recycle their old clothing

Sustainability and fashion haven’t always gone hand-in-hand, but there’s a new idea taking root which holds to the boundary-pushing origins of the industry while promoting longevity and green thinking too. The slow movement is here and with it comes slow fashion. In this article, you’ll find information on: Exploring the Slow Movement The rise of […]

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Searching for Stockholm Events with Singles

Meetup, Gender Ratios, and The Other Option I’ve been purging my podcast subscriptions lately. While The Art of Charm got the cut, the penultimate episode I listened to had some great advice: If you want to meet compatible people, go out and do activities that you enjoy. You’ll probably find relevant people there. Paraphrased from […]

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Why Stockholm is a Fantastic City For Geeks

Stockholm has long been known for its attitude of acceptance. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is something in the city for you. There is a big movie culture, with particular interest in indie films, sci-fi and fantasy. Sweden’s history is steeped in folklore and the incredible legends and characters […]

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