18 Jul 2024
Enjoying Water Sports In Stockholm
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Enjoying Water Sports In Stockholm

Enjoying The Best Of Water Sports In Stockholm

Around 66% of people in Sweden reach their recommended physical activity levels – a high percentage compared to many countries across the globe. In the city of Stockholm, sports are enjoyed all year round, with water sports coming to the fore in the summer months. If you are an avid sports enthusiast yourself and will be visiting Stockholm this year, what sports might you consider taking part in?


Kitesurfing in Stockholm

There are two popular beaches very close to the city center of Stockholm: Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet. Although these beaches obviously don’t have the type of ‘big kahuna’ waves you might enjoy for surfing with your board, you can try your hand at kitesurfing, at least when it’s off-season for the swimmers crowding these beaches. Otherwise you may find some great locations in the archipelago, for example at Dalarö. You can take part under the guiding hand of professionals at a select but well reviewed list of Stockholm kitesurf schools. This is a challenging sport that requires the passion and dedication of renowned surfers worldwide. To inspire yourself to master your kite instead of letting it master you, think of top surfers like Kelly Slater (whose creative aerial moves are the stuff legends are made of) or Duke Kahanamoku (who also took part in many sports apart from surfing, including swimming). Surfing and kitesurfing have many things in common – especially their ability to fuse sport, artistry, and self-expression.



Stand up paddleboarding (or SUP) is a fun activity that the whole family can take part in. It is also one that strengthens your core and arms while honing your sense of balance. Paddle around the islands, look out onto Slussen and the City Hall, or check out some of Stockholm’s most beautiful architectural wonders from your paddleboard. Once again, there is a select list of water sports operators that can teach you the basics of SUP and guide you along beautiful routes. If you prefer to sit down, then simply hire a kayak and enjoy a tranquil (or energetic) experience while you catch the city sights from a privileged position.


Water Racing

Lovers of speed who know how to jet ski can give in to their need for speed by trying out water racing. Dedicated companies have racing machines with an impressive 360hp, and most allow children over the age of seven to enjoy this activity. Ropsten (around 10 minutes from Stockholm City) is the place to head to for this adventure, which can be enjoyed all year round. If you have a neoprene suit, bring it along if you will be visiting Stockholm during colder months.


Going for A Swim

Everywhere you look in Stockholm, it seems like there is a watery spot beckoning you for a swim. There are so many beaches at which to refresh yourself – including one located within the Tantolunden part on the island of Södermalm. Beachy areas normally have a wide array of cafés and restaurants nearby, so if you want a day off your busy sightseeing tour, then simply lying back and enjoying a great beach day and food is the ideal way to simply ‘be’ for a few hours.

Water abounds in Stockholm – a city known as much for its architecture as for its natural wonders. There are many sports you can try, ranging from challenging (think kitesurfing) to easy (simply lie on the beach or enjoy a peaceful swim with family). If you will be in or near the water with little ones, remember water safety essentials – including the use of a life jacket for tiny swimmers.

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