22 May 2024
Digitalization of the Stockholm Food Scene
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Digitalization of the Stockholm Food Scene

Digitalization Taking Over The Food Scene In Stockholm food scene apps

Stockholm is currently undergoing a digital revolution, as is evidenced by the fact that it was one of the first cities in the world to employ 5G technology. From click-and-collect shopping to more efficient logistics and shipping, the city is embracing new technology in a plethora of industries – including the food scene. One good example of how to prioritize digital technologies is provided by Curb – a Swedish kitchen company that has secured €3.2 million in funding to develop the world’s largest food court. The company will use cutting-edge technology to address common problems associated with food delivery – including high prices and inconsistent quality. This is just one way in which the Stockholm food industry is responding to changing needs and demands.


Table Ordering Apps For Pubs And Bars

In the era of the new normal, the idea of long queues and crowding at the bar or cash register is fast becoming a thing of the past. Today, many Stockholm venues are asking diners to use apps for diners to order from, thus avoiding crowding and eliminating the need to order from a server on busy days. Ordering via app also eases the process of home delivery, and currently, a plethora of companies are offering this service in the City – including Foodora, Uber Eats, Favo, Wolt and Godsmak. Of particular interest from the digital perspective is FutureOrdering, which has created a cloud-based solution for ordering which relies on machine learning to help maximize the productivity of cafés and restaurants.

Inventory Ordering Systems

Waste is a growing concern in the modern world. In order to reduce waste and ensure produce is well stocked, a number of city restaurant suppliers (including Martin & Servera and Svensk Cater) are relying on platforms like FreshX and Qvanti, which create systems for digital purchasing, inventory, and analysis for hotels and restaurants. An app connects larger suppliers and smaller companies specializing in one type of produce – for instance, meat, eggs, tea, coffee, and/or produce.


Digital Operations And Compliance

Coop (Sweden’s second largest grocery store chain), Bastard Burger, and Naked Juice Bar are just three companies in Sweden relying on digital operations and compliance apps or platforms to keep track of routines, check quality, handle deviations, and more. All these companies use a cloud-based service called GetCompliant, which includes performance tracking for all levels of the chain, as well as digital checklists and documentation capabilities. The service also ensures that restaurants are compliant with everything from temperature control to cleaning and equipment inspections and maintenance. It gives users real-time information of how all incidents and deviations are going, and provides instructions on how standards should be complied with.


The Stockholm restaurant scene is just one of many industries that are showing a deep commitment to digitalizing processes for greater efficiency and cost savings, and better customer service. From virtual food courts to real time incident reporting, technology is ensuring that a restaurant or food company’s key processes are complied with and improved upon when necessary. Apps for ordering, payment and delivery, meanwhile, provide an easy way for customers to get what they want while maintaining social distance, or even enjoying an optimal dining experience at home.

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