24 Apr 2024
Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm
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Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm

Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm hairdresser expat

Sweden and Denmark are the biggest consumers of cosmetics and haircare products in Europe, with shampoos being the most popular item that people buy. If you are in Stockholm and want to get a Scandi haircut, there are some great hair stylists in the city. You can have your hair professionally cut, coloured, and styled using a range of eco-friendly and natural products that won’t damage your hair. No matter what hair type you have, you can get your locks looked after in one of Stockholm’s top-quality salons. 

Green Heads

Green Heads (Rörstrandsgatan 46) has a great environmentally-friendly policy about hair. They understand why you should use chemical-free products in your hair care routine. They have a good range of natural organic hair dyes that are made from clay and plants and focus on “hair trends for earth friends.” A visit to the Green Heads salon is always a relaxing experience, you can have a laid-back hair cut amongst the beautiful plants that decorate the salon. Green Heads smells wonderful too, not of harsh bleaches and chemicals. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift for a friend, then a Green Heads voucher is a great idea.

Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm green heads hairdresser
Green Heads

Salong VITA

Salong VITA (Nybrogatan 7) are all about suiting your hairstyle to your personality. The experienced stylists at the salon make every effort to recognise your own personal aesthetic to create a unique look that you will love. The salon is light and airy and beautifully decorated, there is definitely a feeling of lush opulence when you visit. It’s not just about the haircut either, going to Salong VITA is a relaxing experience that will leave you refreshed. There are more than a dozen senior stylists at Salong VITA that cater for all hair types, so you will always be able to find someone to look after your hair and give you the style that suits your personality.

Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm hairdresser peach
Peach Stockholm

Peach Stockholm

At Peach (Vanadisplan 2) the stylists focus on the latest trends and techniques in haircare. They specialise in colour makeovers, adding in natural shades and highlights that will suit your skin type. The salon has a cozy feel that will make you feel comfortable and right at home. Not only can you get a haircut at Peach, but there are also plenty of treatments on the menu and you can also have your brows and lashes done. Peach also offers updos and makeup if you are going to a wedding, party or other special event. If you are looking for hair inspiration, it is worth visiting the salon for a chat with a stylist first and they also have a stylish blog with lots of makeovers.

No matter what your hair type, there are some great salons in Stockholm that can give you a beautiful haircut that frames your face perfectly. These salons offer a relaxing experience with a little bit of luxury when you really deserve it.

Where To Get The Best Haircut in Stockholm hairdresser
Rabi Rabi The Experience

RABI RABI The Experience

Rabi Rabi the Experience is the salon that takes care of you and it it really is one of our favourites. For Rabi, quality is a word of praise. You will notice this in his professional skills, in the products he uses and not least in the treatment you receive when you have your hair treated by him.

At Rabi Rabi the Experience, every detail is carefully thought out so that you get a holistic experience that you carry with you when you leave the salon, a feeling you take home – the Experience.

Learn more about Rabi in this exclusive video interview we did with him.

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