15 Jul 2024
Great Places In Stockholm To Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing
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Great Places In Stockholm To Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing

Sweden is right up there in the world’s Top 4 when it comes to gender equality. In all aspects of life, men and women are treated equally. 50% of the government cabinet are women, something that is certainly not commonplace worldwide. And when it comes to equality in fashion, Sweden is also leading the way. Gender-neutral or unisex clothing is extremely popular. The general attitude is, “Why should men and women be confined to a certain type of clothing?” In Stockholm, there are some great places where you can shop for gender-neutral clothing, and you will certainly find that not being restricted in the attitude to fashion is incredibly liberating. 

Timeless style

If you’re looking for classic wardrobe staples then Hope (Götgatan 34) is a good place to head. At Hope, you will find everything you need to style a pair of black trousers. You can dress up black jeans or turn your black work trousers into a day-to-night look easily with bias-cut shirts, well-tailored blouses, and classic t-shirts that are made to suit every physique. Adnym Atelier (Ruddamsbakken 28) is another great place for gender-neutral clothing – they specialize in denim. One of the founders of Adnym also founded Hope. This is a great place to shop for everyday clothing in minimalist palettes.

Children’s clothing

Long gone is the attitude that pink is for a girl and blue is for a boy when it comes to children’s clothing. Even the mainstream brands are now adopting gender-neutral collections for little ones. Betón (Nytorgsgatan 36A) is a wonderful store for toddlers with great quality clothing and shoes. In particular, the vegan tanned leather moccasins are adorable. Mini Rodini (Odengatan 78) is another great shop for vibrant and colorful children’s wear, often inspired by plants and animals. The clothing is top quality, and made to withstand any game of hide-and-seek. Mini Rodini have an ethical policy on sustainability, and all their clothing is made from recycled or eco-friendly material.


Luxury retail

If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury and glamor, then look no further than Acne Studios (Norrmalmstorg 2). They offer gender-neutral ranges in beautiful, luxe fabrics, as well as plenty of looks that wouldn’t be out of place on the runway. The leather kaftans are particularly a statement look. There is a great range of oversized shirts too. For outerwear, the store to visit is Stutterheim (Åsögatan 136). Designer Alexander Stutterheim has definitely proven that raincoats aren’t just practical: they are extremely fashionable too. The outerwear, handmade in Sweden, is gender-neutral and stylish. The coats are available in a wide range of colors and prints, from classic taupe and pink, to rainbow. You can even get a raincoat for your dog to match.


Photo by Karen Pérez Guzmán

Sweden is leading the way when it comes to gender-neutral clothing. Stockholm has a wide range of mainstream and boutique stores where you can get an outfit that you will be proud to wear for any occasion. 

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