21 Jun 2024
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Let’s Get Training: The 30 Day Challenge!

You survived the holidays but now your jeans are too tight and you feel like you’re carrying around an extra skinka. Well, it’s a new year, which means new starts and new resolutions – or maybe just the desire to get back that fabulous shape you had before multiple visits to the julbord and enough champagne […]

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Introducing… John Sjölund, inventor and entrepreneur

Having co-created a device that makes life easier and safer for those with diabetes, he’s taking the medical world by storm

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Expats and Mental Health: Two Scoops of Culture Shock

Ever feel like the sore thumb in Sweden? This week, YLC’s mental health expert, Lysanne Sizoo, discusses the difficulties associated with simultaneously adjusting to another culture and a new work environment abroad. Photo: Lena Granefelt/imagebank.sweden.se So you’ve found a job in Sweden, made the move, and started work. Grattis! If everything is going swimmingly, then […]

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Expats and mental health: The ‘Second Day Blues’

This week, Lysanne Sizoo explores why many couples experience the ‘second day blues’, when one half returns weary from a trip abroad only to be faced with disgruntled grumbles and a list of chores.   My father was naval officer and my mother a very independent and self-sufficient naval officer’s wife. She told me, “When your […]

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Essentials Health Pregnancy & Baby

Parenting +46: Pregnancy and parenthood in Sweden

Pregnant in Stockholm or bringing your bump to the city? Congratulations on your choice!

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Healthcare in Sweden

Healthcare in Sweden is comprehensive and affordable, but may operate very differently from your home country. Lysanne Sizoo provides the YLC guide to visiting a doctor in Sweden. You may also like Children’s Healthcare in Sweden Emergency Contact Information List of Hospitals and Emergency Clinics in Stockholm   Healthcare in Sweden is offered both privately […]

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Children’s Health care in Sweden

Nothing is worse than having a sick child. But one thing that will make you feel a little better is knowing that healthcare for children in Sweden is good quality and low cost.

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Essentials Health Hospitals

Hospitals & emergency clinics in Stockholm

It’s never something anyone likes to think about, but health issues and medical emergencies can happen to any of us whether we’re ready for it or not and the risks increase when you’re in an environment that you are not entirely familiar with. While it’s impossible to completely avoid it, the best defence against a […]

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Emergency Contact Information Essentials Health Moving to Sweden

What to do in an emergency

Naturally, living in a new country comes with its fair share of difficulties, and it’s easy to miss certain small but vital details. Many expats live for months, sometimes even years, without knowing some of the most basic information about their new environment; even if that information could potentially save their life. Do you know […]

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