20 Jun 2024
Let’s Get Training: The 30 Day Challenge!
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Let’s Get Training: The 30 Day Challenge!

You survived the holidays but now your jeans are too tight and you feel like you’re carrying around an extra skinka. Well, it’s a new year, which means new starts and new resolutions – or maybe just the desire to get back that fabulous shape you had before multiple visits to the julbord and enough champagne to bathe in.


For many getting back into our workout routine – or starting a new one – can be a hardship; you feel so out of shape that you never really get started. I mean, how many people didn’t say on the 31:st that they’re going to fit into their favourite jeans only to wake up with a pounding headache the morning after – and absolutely no motivation to get started.

Here’s the good news: the first of January is over and I am here to help you to get of that couch and into great shape, one step at a time. First off, training does not have to take up your whole life. It does not have to cost a fortune and, if you’re pressed for time like many of us, it can be done at home.

All I require is that you dedicate 30 minutes a day, three times a week for one month and you will see significant improvements.

Start off by asking yourself why you want to do this. Hang up a photo of your goal or set aside some money for when you have completed this one month challenge.  Every week we will post your daily regime. I will write Monday, Wednesday and Friday as your designated workout dates. These dates are not set in stone. Feel free to play around with the dates as long as you get one day of rest in between. It is best, though, that you decide specific times that work for you when you workout. Sit down Monday and plan your week. Schedule 30 minutes for these workouts and then let that time be sacred!

Week One:

Warm up: Put on a really motivational song (think: Eye of the tiger or whatever gets your heart pumping). Start jogging in place and pick out a significant part of the song to jump (for instance the “DUM” in the beginning of said song). Jump as high as you can and clap your hands above your head. Get psyched and pumped! You can even slap yourself in the face if you are hard core – or maybe not. The idea here is to get your heart rate up and start the blood coursing through your veins. Let’s get started:


10 Lunges left leg

10 Lunges right leg

10 Knee to plank Push ups (or from your feet if you have the strength

Do as many rounds possible in ten minutes. Get your heart rate up!


20 Squat Jumps

20 Sit ups

20 Walking planks (think of it as moving forward like a crab)

Try to do at least 4 rounds …but 5 are better!


Burpee Squats

(Do as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes – or more if you can handle it!)

That’s it! Week one! On Friday I want you to give yourself a huge pat on the back, high-five the mirror (don’t break it) and relax! Be proud of yourself and start to feel the small changes you’ll already be experiencing.  These workouts do an amazing job of tightening your core, keeping your legs and butt toned and working that upper body. This is the first step towards getting your julskinka to disappear!

Next week we’ll take it up a small notch we’ll get you back in fighting shape in no time!

Karl Gullö

Karl is a licensed personal trainer based at Crossfit Södermalm. He works with private clients, as well as groups. For more information or to book a time contact him at [email protected]

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