12 Jul 2024
Hedir Al-chalabi
Work & Money

International collaboration for recruiting

We can find many talents everywhere in the world, but sometimes we need to search outside the borders in order

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Community Sustainable

Micro-farms of the future

How do we imagine a sustainable future? And what are we doing in order to help the world become a

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Jonas Snitt releases new music

Your Living City had the chance to have a little chat with Jonas Snitt, Swedish singer / songwriter / guitarist

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Featured Lifestyle

Enter the World of Magic with Per Johan Råsmark

Magic – Illusionism – is an art form that presents the public with illusions seemingly impossible or supernatural by natural

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Michael Tellinger – an inspirational voice

Most of the people are hoping for a harmonic world where everyone is helping and supporting each other. How can

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Community Parenting

Hoping and coping with cancer – the story of Helene Rennervik

It is a true revelation every time I get the chance to meet people and listen to their life stories.

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Dr. John Butler explains Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a field that attracts millions and at the same time scares the masses because of its myths. People

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Finding a Job Networking Work & Money

Magnus Berg on job-hunting in Sweden

People in general, but especially immigrants with an academic background, may find it hard to understand the right way to find a

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Fashion & Beauty

In search of beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… We alone decide what beauty means for each of us. Your Living

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Community Services

YLC Interview: Ewa Malmsten Nordell, a Photography Explorer

Interviewing different personalities, life begins to change its taste… beauty seen from everywhere, by everyone, from different angles. Enjoying people

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