22 Jun 2024
In search of beauty?
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In search of beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… We alone decide what beauty means for each of us. Your Living City’s Hedir decided it was time to find out more about how beauty is seen nowadays and why people feel more special after different modern treatments and also why do they feel the need to look younger? 

16684687_1343387285718269_12235970_nI met Imanuell Faramarz who is certified in biomedical science, trained at the Karolinska Institute in 2006, where he also works. He enjoys doing beauty treatments, because it makes him and the customers happier with their lives. He took his master’s degree in diagnostic cytology (diagnostics of cancer cells), also from Karolinska Institutet. In 2012 he took training about injection techniques at Inject Academy. His latest training was about the “Vampire method” for the treatment of hair loss and rejuvenation of the skin.

What do you feel is more important nowadays: body or soul?   

Image is very important, because the appearance makes the first impression. Without a good appearance I can not sell my product, because the customers use my products in order to look better and feel good. If I manage to make my clients look good, they will also feel happy and more sure of themselves, so they can also function better in the society. Their appearance influences their everyday gladness. Their work, family and friends are influenced by their state of mind. So it’s a kind of psychological help as well.

If we talk about how many people visit your clinic, how many of them come to correct an issue they already had from birth and how many come just to look younger again?

Most of the people who come are those who don’t have physical defects. They only come to make some kind of corrections like lips, nasogenian folds, cheekbones and cheeks, glabella wrinkles etc. They want to look a little younger or, if they are already young, they only want to make some kind of corrections for the face. The most important thing for me is that when they leave the clinic, they should feel happy and pleased with themselves.


I read your CV and I’ve seen that you studied ‘’the Vampire method’’. That makes me think about Transylvania and many strange stories. What does the method actually involve?     

Well, of course it involves blood. The Vampire method is based on the growth factor in the cell. In this method we use a part of our own blood that is taken and put in a centrifuge machine that separates the plasma and red blood cells. In this plasma we have growth factor and nutrition that stimulates the base of the cell to reproduce new cells. After two weeks the old cell disappears and new cells take the place of the old ones. The result of this is a fresher appearance, less wrinkles, and if somebody has an acne problem it will help a lot. This method has had very good results after three treatments during a three months period.

Which are the three most used methods in beauty today?

Botox, filler and alpha hydroxy acid treatments with C vitamin.

In just a few words, what does each method involve?

Botox relaxes the muscle cells and the wrinkles can no longer accentuate. Fillers fill the wrinkles and also creates volume.

How long does the effects last and what could go wrong with them?     

Botox for about four to six months and if it’s done properly nothing can go wrong. Fillers last depending on the body, but between two months and two years and there is absolutely no risk involved.

What is your recommendation after a beauty treatment? What is better to avoid for a while? 

Somebody who had this type of treatment should not make physical efforts or go to the gym for about two weeks. I also recommend them not to drink alcohol or smoke for at least one week. I recommend this because alcohol and cigarettes have an effect on the result of the treatment, because they stop the process of the product. The same thing, but on the opposite side, is with physical effort, because the body is not relaxed and the serum has to take its place in the tissue.


Are these types of beauty methods preferred by women or men at your clinic?     

95% of my clients are women.

If we take your experience, psychologically speaking, which type of people come to you?

Most of the people that I meet have this need to feel better about their looks. So this treatment basically makes them more sure on themselves. They are looking to have a positive and deeper self-confidence.

Did you ever say no to clients, who wanted to make exaggerated changes?    

I told a couple of my clients that I would not do more botox, because it can be dangerous if we exaggerate with the treatment. And with the filler I didn’t want to fill more because it would not look good and the idea of making such interventions is to make people look better not worse. But this doesn’t happen too often.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?     

The biggest challenge is the result of my work. There are three things I know that are important to customers:

  • that they can feel confident that I work with quality products;
  • that I have a secure technology;
  • that I always give a good price, better than my competitors.

They can always find me on my website http://www.beautyface.nu/ where I can give them more information if needed or search me on facebook.

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