2 Dec 2023
Hedir Al-chalabi
Art Culture Extraordinary Expats

Extraordinary Expat: Virginie Garcia, Photographer of Life

YLC’s Hedir had the chance to interview Stockholm-based French photographer Virginie Garcia. She tells about how she got into photography

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Community Finding a Job Networking Work & Money

Andreas Wennberg helps newcomers in their quest for a job in Sweden

I had the opportunity to contact Andreas, a man who dreams about making the world a better place. But dreaming is

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Community Networking Networking Work & Money

Interview: Marie Wetterstrand, coach and mentor

Marie Wetterstrand says she’s working with people who would like to be the best version of themselves. Her work through

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Lifestyle Work & Money

Charging people with positive energy

I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Barak Baaiz, the Restaurant Manager and Martin Enqvist, the F&B Manager at

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Books Community Culture Movies

Interview: Meet inspiring author and film maker Naseem Quraishi-Larsson

We are living in a world where women want to be more than just storytellers. Women want to inspire more

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Culture Music

Songs of Joy – Choirs are a way of life for many in Sweden

Choir singing is very popular in Sweden, and for many it’s a way of life. Being a part of a

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Culture Music

Interview: Camilla Fritzén lives her life through music

We talked to Camilla Fritzén, who truly lives her life through music, and her love for music has made her

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Finding a Job Work & Money

A recruiter talks about opportunities for foreign professionals in Sweden

Marianne Nilsson, Co-founder and Recruitment Manager at Incluso, speaks about the opportunities for those who want to integrate in the

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Community Finding a Job Networking Networking Work & Money

Mitt Livs Chans gives academic immigrants a chance

What is Mitt Livs Chans? Mitt Liv AB (svb) is a social enterprise focused on a vision of an inclusive

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Community Networking Networking Volunteering Work & Money

Open doors to create a future

A person or an organization fighting for integration will not only give you the power to fight, but the hope

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