15 Jul 2024
Michael Tellinger – an inspirational voice

Michael Tellinger – an inspirational voice

Most of the people are hoping for a harmonic world where everyone is helping and supporting each other. How can this dream become reality?

Michael Tellinger, the South African scientist, author, researcher, explorer, humanitarian-activist travels around the word and shares his knowledge. His visit to Stockholm in September 2018 brought a handful of people together from different parts of the world to share their experiences. Michael Tellinger presents a project based on contributionism, where people celebrate the human spirit, share their skills, talents and knowledge and create an ideal world together.

The One Small Town Project is about collaboration between individuals, who share their talents instead of competing, people lead by consciousness and ancient wisdom.

Michael, you are a multi-talented person and you have been involved in numerous activities during your lifetime. You have graduated from medical school, but you have become and artist at an early age. What made you to take another path in your life?

I always had an inquiring mind – questioning everything. I felt that what the education system gave me was not enough – there had to be more information out there.

When did you start to get interested in the history and the secrets hidden in the ancient stones? Why did you find this area so intriguing?

I was always looking for clearer answers to the THREE big questions: Who are we, Where do we come from and Why are we here. Mainstream education does not teach that.

You are an author of several books. Which are the most representative for your work?

Each of my four books has a special role to play – sharing knowledge about our human origins – a very different history from what school has taught us. The books on the Stone Circles and Adam’s Calendar show the physical evidence of a large ancient civilisation that vanished. I have been able to show they had advanced technology and… It is important to know where we are and where we come from. Otherwise we can never work out where we are going as a species.

You are speaking in your presentations about the healing stones. As a doctor have you found any scientific evidence about the power of mediation and the miracle stones?

I am not a doctor – I graduated in Pharmaceutics from WITS Medical School Johannesburg in 1983. The stones resonate a natural harmonic earth frequency which is beneficial to our bodies because it brings us into harmonic coherence with Earth – and gets rid of cells and diseases that are not in resonance with our Earth. This is probably the simplest explanation how the stone circles have brought about some critical new knowledge and thinking about simple healing solutions for a species that is sick on many levels. Humanity is under attack and we are being poisoned by the global elite from many directions. From chem-trails in the sky, to our food and water. 

What is Ubuntu Movement and what does it involve?

It is a movement of UNITY Consciousness – creating a new reality for all of us – freedom from financial enslavement and corporate greed – creating abundance and prosperity for everyone – the ultimate destination is to remove money from all aspects of life.

Where does the Ubuntu ideology come from?

UBUNTU is an ancient African philosophy that refers to our human-ness; our selfless-ness; and our connected-ness.

It is all about unity and harmony within our community. Where people care for each other and look out for each other, as if they were part of a great big family. In UBUNTU communities, money has no place and everyone contributes their skills and talents for the benefit of the whole community. All ancient tribes and civilisations around the world share the same philosophy by different names.

The most frequently used definition of UBUNTU is: I am what I am because of who we all are

In a similar fashion, the native American Cherokee Tribe have this belief: “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.”

How can this project be implemented in the world? What is the most challenging thing that you find for this project?

After 13 years of trial and error the ONE SMALL TOWN (OST) strategy has turned out to be the perfect formula to change the world very quickly and simply – without any violent opposition or conflict. Please read the OST manifesto – attached below and the proposal to mayors – this will give you clarity on the plan and its simplicity.

How can Sweden be a part of this?

The mayor of Höör has seen the proposal and she loves it. I believe that she wants to implement the OST plan after the election in November.

What are the main priorities in starting the movement in a town?

Providing your own source of electricity – and creating a long list of business-community-collaborative projects… that are owned by the people and investors equally. The mayor needs the be the voice and face of the plan on all media especially social media.

Why should people engage in such a project? What is wrong with the current system?

We are all born in to life-long slavery of money and corporate control – by the money masters and the governments that answer to a higher authority – which we will never expose. The global elite run the world and control every aspect of our lives. The OST plan will use the tools of enslavement – as tools of liberation – to free us from this stranglehold. There is no other plan that I know of today that is so simple and complete. Once we start the process and the mayor is driving it – we can never go back.

How will people survive with the outside world if this project would be implemented?

Very simple – nobody needs to leave their job – they can carry on with life as normal – but participate in their town’s activities by contributing just 3 hours per week.

What other projects do you have? 

No other projects – all our focus is on creating the first small town anywhere – this will create a domino effect across borders all over the world.

What should the world be more careful about? Is there anything you could recommend?

Wake the people of the the world to the reality that we have to create a new reality for ourselves by being pro-active… Spreading the UBUNTU One Small Town message and even standing for mayor in their town to implement the plan. Everyone is unhappy with what is going on in the world. You need to realise that you are not alone – thinking of a better world. A brighter future for you and your family. We are the 99.99 % – let’s act and create the world we all want to live in – free and abundant in all aspects.

When do you plan the next trips in Europe and where?

In 2019 between July and August.

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