18 May 2024
International collaboration for recruiting
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International collaboration for recruiting

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We can find many talents everywhere in the world, but sometimes we need to search outside the borders in order to find the right person for the right job.

These type of collaborations are part of the future where people look after specific skills and talents without putting barriers because of the language or any misconception of someone’s background. Everybody’s welcome to show their professionalism. The future is now and everybody has a place at the table. I had the pleasure to talk to Karin Björkman Tendijck who sees the opportunities and connects countries and people.

You have worked with recruiting internationally. What can you tell us about the quality of head-hunting in Sweden and abroad?

I am sure that there are many good head-hunters in Sweden, but generally what I see, is that they are biased and could learn from foreign countries about being more open-minded and seeing the fact that it is a person behind a CV. For example, replying or sending an update in a recruitment process is very important, so the candidate know what is going on.

Karin Björkman Tendijck

Are Swedish employers more demanding than in Switzerland or any other country you have worked in?

Perhaps not more demanding, but they would always play a ‘secure’ card, is my impression.

Do do you think Sweden has trouble with unemployment and flexibility?

Yes, the LAS regulations are very much in favour of the employee, so many employers are hesitant to hire unless it is the ‘perfect’ candidate.

What have you learned from your experience abroad?

I have learned to be more open minded, to see value in people and be less biased.

When it comes to multilingualism, how do you think it helped you?

Speaking a language is very much more than being able to ‘speak’ the language. You learn about languages or different countries’ cultures and values, which gives the ability to understand people better.

What would you implement into the Swedish system to help recruiters and jobseekers with knowledge that you have gathered through the years from working abroad?

Be less biased, see the added value of what a person brings to a job and the benefits of a diverse workforce.

What is unique in Sweden when it comes to the employment system and what should other countries learn from us?

The Unions are very strong in Sweden, which is often beneficial for the employee. There is a strong social system, so an employee is always ‘secured’ of certain benefits.

Is there anything you would like to add and teach us about your experiences or your company?

I have met with many great talents throughout the years. Even if one needs to adjust to a new country and environment, one must not forget their own values and knowledge they bring in to a new situation.

You can always go to the website www.beyondo.se and recommend others to join a bigger network.

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