18 Jul 2024
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Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm

The snowy period in Stockholm runs from mid-November to early April with at least an inch of snow each month. February generally has the most snowfall. If you are visiting Stockholm, this is the ideal time to take some beautiful, picturesque photos of the city. You can take some great pictures of the activity in the market places, […]

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The Best Places in Stockholm to Practice Your Photography Skills

According to the Swedish Tourist Board, every year more than 13 million people visit Stockholm for business and leisure. It is an incredible city with a diverse culture that is perfect for capturing on film. If you are interested in people and portraiture, you don’t have to go any further than one of the metro […]

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Camera Diaries with Karen Creative Arts Extraordinary Expats

Camera Diaries – Stockholm’s outdoor portrait photography season

Autumn is my favourite season for outdoor portrait photography. Can you guess why? Yes, the beautiful contrasting colours provided by the golden leaves on trees and on the ground make for stunning backgrounds. But it’s also that unique, soft, sideways light. And the combination of these two elements is an unmatched combo! So I would […]

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Your Living City’s favourite Stockholm photos

At Your Living City Stockholm we keep a finger on the pulse of the city’s heartbeat, bringing you the best that Stockholm has to offer, today we would like to bring you some of our favourite views of the Scandinavian capital, created by Stockholm-based photographer and artist Karen Pérez Guzmán. Karen also goes under the […]

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Exhibit: Siblinghood explored in photo and video

In their “Shared” exhibition at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Finnish artists Nelli Palomäki and Juhana Moisander explore siblinghood through video installation and photographs. We went to the opening night of the exhibit on the 16th of November.   Nelli Palomäki is known for her timeless portraits of children and young people. Her work focuses […]

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Art Camera Diaries with Karen

Camera Diaries – Light painting Stockholm

If you’ve ever been to magic show, you’ll be accustomed to seeing the magician perform fantastic tricks, but never sharing the secrets behind them to the audience, let alone to other magicians. Well the world of photography is not so different. Some of the best photographers may create a stunning image by combining camera techniques, light effects and […]

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Culture Getting Around Your New City

Photographing Stockholm… Underground

Most people know that Stockholm is Sweden’s capital, but at a guess, it’s fair to assume that probably fewer people know that it’s an incredible city for budding photographers and not just above ground. In fact, some of the most dramatic and artistic landscapes to capture with a lens in Stockholm happen to form part of […]

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Camera Diaries with Karen – Shooting fashion

Stockholm Fashion Week took place last month, bringing the catwalks to different locations around the city as stages to exhibit the garments, the trends, the creations and other fashionable objects of desire. As a fashion lover myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled when I got the opportunity to choose which fashion shows to attend and photograph in order to […]

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Scandic Malmen gets re-decorated by miniature worlds

On Wednesday we were invited to the inauguration of an art exhibition that aims to create a scape for the mind into miniature worlds inside the world of Scandic Malmen. Martin Lima de Faria is the artist in charge of re-decorating the walls of the hotel’s bistro restaurant and for this commission he has created “Small People Big […]

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YLC Interview: Ewa Malmsten Nordell, a Photography Explorer

Interviewing different personalities, life begins to change its taste… beauty seen from everywhere, by everyone, from different angles. Enjoying people through their own experience of existence. Tel me about you and the beginning of your career: It wasn’t a dream, it was more of a choice. I was offered a job as a photographer for […]

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