18 Jul 2024
Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm
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Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm

Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm

The snowy period in Stockholm runs from mid-November to early April with at least an inch of snow each month. February generally has the most snowfall. If you are visiting Stockholm, this is the ideal time to take some beautiful, picturesque photos of the city. You can take some great pictures of the activity in the market places, the Christmas markets are particularly spectacular when it has snowed. The snow also makes the views of the city and it’s archipelagoes look like paintings on a Christmas card. 


The island of Djurgården, home of the Vasa Museum, is a stunning place to take some snowy photographs. If you go to the quay of Nybroviken, you can also take pictures of the quaint archipelago boats. Djurgården, once a vast royal game park, has stretches of meadows and forest that look beautiful in the snow. There is also a waterfront promenade where you can take pictures, with the snow and the lights reflecting from the water. Your snowy photos will look great framed and put on the wall. Choosing a contemporary picture frame will display your photos in all their glory, and you will want to treasure them as a memento of your visit to Stockholm.

Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm snow bird
Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm snow bird

The Royal Palace

The King’s official residence, The Royal Palace looks very majestic in the snow. Located on Stadsholmen within Gamla Stan, The Royal Palace, with over 600 rooms, is one of the largest palaces in Europe. One of the best places to take photographs of The Royal Palace, is from the island of Blasieholmen. Across the water, the palace appears to glow from the water, and looks particularly spectacular at sunset.

Amazing Places to Take Snowy Shots of Stockholm gamla stan
Gamla Stan – Photo by Karen Pérez Guzmán

Gamla Stan

The old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the perfect place to take some wintery street photography, featuring the little shops and cafes. In December, you could visit the Stortorget Christmas market to take some photos – the market has been running for over 100 years, and is the place to go for gingerbread, candy, smoked cheeses, delightful Christmas crafts and a glass of glögg. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot Jultomten (Santa Clause) and his reindeer.

Riddarholmen, view from Monteliusvägen snow stockholm
Riddarholmen, view from Monteliusvägen


In Södermalm’s heights you’ll find this 500-meter long (quarter-mile) walking path with a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, Stockholm City Hall (this article’s cover photo), and Riddarholmen, especially at sunrise and sunset. The path is lined with charming houses on one side and a beautiful view on the other. There is, of course, a safety rail on the path, but be careful in the wintertime when parts of the path might be a bit slippery.

Stockholm looks beautiful in the snow, and there is plenty of it in the winter months. When you are visiting, take the opportunity to capture some snowy photos that you will want to put up on your walls when you get home.

All photos by Stockholm based photographer and YLC writer Karen Pérez Guzmán
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