22 May 2024
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Don’t pack your guilt

This is the time of year that many global nomads head home to their families. With expectations high on both sides, these visits can be a mixture of heaven and hell. Almost all expatriates feel some measure of guilt about the impact their life choices have on those who love and miss them ‘back home’. […]

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Your ultimate Stockholm guide to Yoga in English

If like me you landed one day in Stockholm and wanted to resume your Yoga practice, but didn’t know where to go, here is what I hope can be your ultimate guide to carrying on your practice in good hands and …in English – yes ! How many of you felt too shy to walk to […]

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Camera Diaries with Karen Uncategorized

Camera Diaries with Karen – Shooting fashion

Stockholm Fashion Week took place last month, bringing the catwalks to different locations around the city as stages to exhibit the garments, the trends, the creations and other fashionable objects of desire. As a fashion lover myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled when I got the opportunity to choose which fashion shows to attend and photograph in order to […]

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Baby Talk: Play the Game

Mercifully the light of Spring is upon us and everything feels easier and lighter although it really isn’t.  Compounded sleep deprivation coupled with a baby that keeps changing the game on you, will do wonders for your creativity. I’ve learned 50 new stories to tell from the same book, new uses for the same old […]

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Stockholm Diary: Expat Pilates

Pilates has always struck me as the sort of thing that people more stylish than me do, like making pasta from scratch and having dried flowers artfully arranged around their homes.

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Daddy State: Fuzzy Math

“Why is your hair fuzzy?” my daughter asked me. Sweden, I thought. Another thing to blame on Sweden. As an American, prices here in Sweden seldom fail to surprise me. After 13 years here, I still convert price tags into dollars and I’m still hurt by what the computation works out to. The pain doesn’t […]

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Expats and Mental Health: Pitch Im-perfect

When we bring our Inner Perfectionist with us on our foreign adventures we may find that she or he is a more of a hindrance than a help. Our expat health specialist Lysanne Sizoo helps you to chill out. What I call the inner Perfectionist is that part of you that is always telling you […]

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Expats and Mental Health: Two Scoops of Culture Shock

Ever feel like the sore thumb in Sweden? This week, YLC’s mental health expert, Lysanne Sizoo, discusses the difficulties associated with simultaneously adjusting to another culture and a new work environment abroad. Photo: Lena Granefelt/imagebank.sweden.se So you’ve found a job in Sweden, made the move, and started work. Grattis! If everything is going swimmingly, then […]

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Expat Support: Fika with Mumm

It’s a noun, it’s a verb and it’s synonymous with a great many things. That’s right, we’re talking about fika! Want to join?

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Expats and Mental Health: Why Identities Change Abroad

This week YLC’s mental health expert Lysanne Sizoo discusses how our sense of identity is challenged when we move to another country… and how we can use it to our advantage. Photo: Marko Kudjerski/Flickr (file) Have you noticed that the way in which you introduce yourself to others has changed since you moved abroad? Where before […]

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