23 Jun 2024
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Your ultimate Stockholm guide to Yoga in English

If like me you landed one day in Stockholm and wanted to resume your Yoga practice, but didn’t know where to go, here is what I hope can be your ultimate guide to carrying on your practice in good hands and …in English – yes ! How many of you felt too shy to walk to […]

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A Taste of South India with Sanjoo Malhotra

Want to learn the secrets of Indian cuisine? Dying to experiment with exotic ingredients? Or are you just tired of cooking the same-old same-old? YLC took a 3-hour workshop with Stockholm’s resident culinary guru Sanjoo Malhotra to learn the in’s and out’s of South Indian cookery. And boy were we impressed!

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Courses and events for budding Stockholm entrepreneurs

Stockholm offers several different options for budding entrepreneurs seeking guidance!

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Courses taught in English during 2013

If you are new in town, want to meet other international people, or just learn a new skill or take a class, here’s a list of courses taught in English happening in early 2013. For an English speaker in Stockholm, it can be hard to build the perfect social group. A great place to meet […]

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Courses in English Education

English Improv Class: New Classes 2013

Improvisation is a skill that helps build confidence and charisma; it’s an acting method that helps one be more accepting of the present moment. It’s also a whole lot of fun! Josh Lenn (of Lost in Translation fame) will be running a new season of his acclaimed improv classes for February 2013. The demand for these […]

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