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X’Mas Parties With Festive Recipes From Around The World

Planning party after party of yuletide celebrations this Christmas season in Stockholm for family and friends from different continents across the globe? Then nothing draws more oohs and aahs than serving each round of celebratory fare with yummylicious special occasion dishes whipped up during festivities reveled in various parts of …

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Xmas Treat: Cheesy Lobster with Herb & Peppercorn Butter

Lobster is often the star attraction in seafood extravaganzas partaken on Christmas Eve in Southern Italy, thanks to its Roman Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on holy days. As France’s culinary high point, its time-honored Réveillon on the commemorative night before Jesus’ birth has grown more opulent and luxurious …

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Thanksgiving Treat: XO Cognac Chicken Stew

A tradition celebrated in the United States of America, the initial Thanksgiving was held for the English Pilgrims’ successful first corn harvest in November 1621. As it stemmed solely from the Native Americans’ initiative in freely teaching them this cultivation technique, then Governor William Bradford organized the three-day harvest celebration …

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