29 May 2024
A Fusion of Elegance: Thalia Store Hosts a Fabulous Art, Fashion and Jewelry Extravaganza
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A Fusion of Elegance: Thalia Store Hosts a Fabulous Art, Fashion and Jewelry Extravaganza

In the heart of Stockholm, at Karlavägen 62, Thalia Store recently played host to an extraordinary evening that seamlessly blended the worlds of high fashion, captivating art, and jewelry. Thanks to the creative minds of Göran Alfredsson, talented artist Dennis Duolee, and Sophia Bernadotte, the event unfolded into a fabulous spectacle, leaving attendees enchanted.

Photo credits: Vladimir Vallejos

Göran Alfredsson: A Visionary in Fashion

Born in 1956 in Sandviken, Göran Alfredsson has carved an illustrious path in the world of fashion. His journey in design began at Les Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. In 1979, he co-founded Thalia with the iconic Lill-Babs, marking the inception of a journey that would redefine elegance in the fashion industry.

Since the resounding success of the inaugural show in 1980, Thalia has evolved into a dynamic business, encompassing manufacturing in both Stockholm and Bangkok. Göran’s rich experience spanning over four decades is reflected in his diverse portfolio, including designs for shows, theaters, artists, opera singers, and prestigious events like the Nobel party and functions at the Royal Palace.

Thalia, under Göran’s guidance, extends beyond conventional tailoring, specializing in evening dresses for various occasions. A member of Stockholm’s Tailors’ Guild and Stockholm’s Tailors Association, Göran Alfredsson brings a wealth of expertise to Thalia, a brand that epitomizes sophistication and timeless style.

Thalia’s Team: Craftsmanship and Service Excellence

Thalia’s commitment to excellence is embodied by its team of skilled tailors:

  • Inger Lundin: A seasoned tailor with a tenure since 1981.
  • Karin Sundqvist: A journeyman in women’s tailoring, contributing to Thalia since 2000.
  • Margareta Udvardy: A master tailor with a remarkable stint since 2004.
  • Amanda Westford: A dressmaker and store manager who has been an integral part of Thalia since 2016.

The store, located at Karlavägen 62, 114 49 Stockholm, is a sanctuary for those seeking bespoke elegance. Thalia operates from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, and can be reached at 08-660 54 30. For more details, visit Thalia’s website.

Dennis Duolee: Bridging Quantum Physics and Art

Complementing Thalia’s sartorial elegance is the artwork of Dennis Duolee. In his exploration of the quantum world, Dennis merges modern science, philosophy, and his life experiences into captivating art. His creations reflect a deep connection to the natural world while challenging traditional notions, much like interpreting surroundings through cave paintings.

Dennis Duolee’s diverse artistry spans installations, sculpture, writing, painting, drawing, and event-based happenings. Influenced by his background as a graffiti artist, he uses various mediums to express his creativity. Recently delving into naïve art, Dennis connects his childhood to his role as a father, creating a whimsical bridge between generations.

His philosophy, inspired by Ingmar Stenmark, echoes the sentiment that practice and dedication shape artistic endeavors. As Dennis explores new artistic realms, his commitment to the craft remains unwavering. For more details, visit: Dennis’s website.

Sophia: Crafting Connections Through Jewelry

Adding an extra layer of charm to the evening is Sophia, a jewelry designer born and raised in Stockholm. Sophia draws inspiration from the natural world and family bonds, infusing her designs with passion and detail. Her unique pieces celebrate the bonds between loved ones, incorporating natural elements and ensuring longevity through the use of quality materials.

Sophia’s jewelry collections embody a perfect blend of playfulness, elegance, and classic design with a twist. Each piece is carefully crafted to stand out in its unique way, offering a delightful selection for diverse tastes.

Our playful pieces feature fun shapes and whimsical designs. Statement necklaces with oversized beads and delicate charm bracelets with playful motifs add a touch of fun to any outfit.

For those seeking elegance, our collection includes pieces with clean lines, sleek finishes, and understated designs. From classic necklaces to simple gold bangles, these pieces exude timeless sophistication.

What sets our jewelry apart is the twist – an unexpected element that surprises and delights. Necklaces with unique pendants, bracelets with unusual clasps, and earrings with unexpected shapes add a touch of intrigue to each piece.

Sophia’s jewelry collection has something for everyone, whether you seek a playful statement, an elegant accessory, or a classic with a twist. Experience the beauty and artistry of Sophia’s jewelry today, where each piece tells a story of creativity, care, and connection. For more details, visit: Sophia’s website.

The collaboration between Göran Alfredsson, Dennis Duolee, and Sophia Bernadotte at Thalia Store was a testament to the harmonious fusion of fashion, art, and jewelry. Attendees experienced an evening of opulence, surrounded by stunning designs and thought-provoking artwork, creating memories of a truly fabulous affair.

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