31 May 2023
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Margareta Sjödin: Faces, Figures, and Flowers – A 50 Year Jubilee Exhibition

The grand opening was the talk of the town, and Stockholm’s famous socialites, photographers, and champagne were all present. The evening was made even more glamorous with the presence of the renowned artist, Margareta Sjödin. Sjödin’s artistic journey began after a successful career in theatre, TV and film, including a role as the wise cat […]

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Art Exhibitions in Stockholm – GSA Gallery

Johan Scott was born in 1953 in Mariehamn, Åland, he lives and works in Stockholm. The oeuvre of Johan Scott is intense, where clear colors meet in contrast. But the intensity is not discouraging, on the contrary, it feels warm and embracing. GSA Gallery’s first Stockholm gallery opened in August 2008 in the gallery district […]

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Video Profiles: Visual Artist Martin Lima de Faria Part 1

In this edition of Profiles, we bring you a visual artist who has created a microcosmos to decorate the walls of the famous Scandic Malmen hotel. We’ll be behind the scenes as he takes one of these iconic photographs. The artist will talk us through his film-making in Little Love, a film that made it […]

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Culture What's on: Stockholm

Art’s Associated Values

As art makers individualistically strive to create new possibilities, new forms, new twists, new perspectives, new futures; uncommon not thought of and even mysterious associations are either repetitively or uniquely explored, repositioned and recombined; shifting from a return to the familiar to an adventurous life rendered ever so foreign – all achieved without the slightest […]

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Friday Playlist Music

Friday Playlist: Sweden-Finnish takeover!

The Sweden-Finns are a bigger group than you might think – recent figures put the number of first, second and third generation Finns in Sweden to over 719.000, which means more than 7 percent or one in every 14 people in Sweden. The Sweden-Finns even have their own flag and a national holiday on the […]

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Music Videos

Jasmine Kara on music and life

As Jasmine Kara is poised to get on stage at Melodifestivalen in Växjö later this week, we now bring you the second part of our exclusive interview with her. In the first part you heard all her thoughts about Melodifestivalen and you can read and watch it right here, in case you missed it. This […]

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Music New Music Friday

New Music Friday: It’s Everything or Nothing with Miriam Bryant

2016 really was Miriam Bryant’s year in Swedish music. She turned her participation in TV’s Så mycket bättre into the greatest success with her songs gracing the radiowaves and just about everybody’s streaming playlists. Miriam also toured extensively thoughout the year. Her single Black Car is nominated for Song of the Year honors in both the […]

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Featured Music Videos

Interview: Introducing Nova Miller

Nova Miller is a 15-year-old artist from Stockholm with big music dreams and the talent to match. Her vocal range is an amazing five octaves and her music is filled with pop sensibilities and a rather deep message. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her music career – and she even gave […]

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Art Culture

YLC’s Local Artist Spotlight: Mona Bensafiddine

Mona Bensafiddine, a native of Stockholm who uses her camera to go to a mindful space and capture the many nuances of simplicity found in the world around her.

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