18 Jul 2024
SciFiWorld Stockholm 2024: A Galactic Celebration of Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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SciFiWorld Stockholm 2024: A Galactic Celebration of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The much-anticipated SciFiWorld Stockholm event has come and gone, leaving behind memories of an exhilarating journey into the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Held on March 2-3, 2024, at the expansive Solnahallen venue, the event offered a larger space than ever before, accommodating a multitude of activities, exhibitors, and enthusiasts.

Attendees were immersed in a world where imagination knew no bounds, with larger venues, thrilling guests, and an array of exciting exhibitors and activities. The event boasted an impressive lineup of special guests, including renowned actors such as Henry Thomas from E.T, Robert Patrick from Terminator movie T-1000, and many more. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with these icons of the genre through Q&A sessions and photo opportunities.

One of the standout attractions at SciFiWorld Stockholm was the full-size Snowspeeder from Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, offering fans the chance to experience a piece of cinematic history up close. Additionally, Suzanne Reuter, acclaimed for her roles in various films and series, graced the event, sharing insights into her illustrious career and upcoming projects.

For those eager to embark on their own intergalactic adventures, the X-Wing simulator awaited. Attendees could join the Rebel Alliance and take part in the thrilling X-WING STAR ADVENTURE, piloting their own spacecraft in the battle against the Death Star.

Cosplay enthusiasts were treated to the “SciFiWorld All Star Parade,” a colorful procession featuring characters from across the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum. Whether fans of Star Wars, comic books, or manga, the parade offered a vibrant showcase of creativity and fandom.

LudoSport, an international organization specializing in lightsaber combat, offered free lightsaber training for attendees of all ages. Participants stepped into the world of Jedi and Sith, learning the art of lightsaber dueling from experienced instructors.

Looking ahead, the excitement continues with the SciFiWorld event in Malmö on April 27-28. Featuring a similar lineup of attractions and activities, the Malmö event promises to be another unforgettable experience for sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts.

With an unparalleled lineup of guests, activities, and exhibits, SciFiWorld Stockholm 2024 was truly an event of epic proportions. Whether seasoned sci-fi aficionados or simply looking for a weekend of fun and adventure, attendees found something for everyone. Although the event has ended, memories of the journey into the unknown will undoubtedly linger for years to come.

For more information, visit the official website at www.scifiworld.se. Join us as we celebrate the wonders of science fiction and fantasy at SciFiWorld 2024!

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