29 May 2024
Charity Art Expo: Democratizing Art and Fostering Community in Stockholm
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Charity Art Expo: Democratizing Art and Fostering Community in Stockholm


The Charity Art Expo is a dynamic and vibrant art event that unites artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts, creating a marketplace for artistic exchange and appreciation. This event stands out in the art world by being accessible and inclusive, offering exhibition space at reasonable prices to democratize art access.

Alex Colard, the founder of Charity Art Expo, describes the event as a political statement and a movement against elitism in the art world. He emphasizes that the expo is about giving artists from all backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work and connect with a wide audience directly, without the barriers typically posed by curators or juries.

Inspired by his grandmother, a recipient of The Légion d’honneur for her social impact, Alex was motivated to continue her legacy of service. The expo contributes a portion of its sales to Barncancerfonden, supporting children with cancer and their families.

Charity Art Expo also collaborates with numerous partners to enhance the event’s reach and impact. Among these are Engleson Gallerier and newer partners like Frameit, Konstnärsportalen, and Artbitat, reflecting a strong community-oriented approach to art.

Since its inception in 2017, after Alex moved from New York to Sweden, the expo has grown significantly. Originally inspired by the plight of the Sami people and polar animals, Alex used his artistic talents to support causes like the WWF through his exhibitions. This ethos of giving and community support continues to drive the Charity Art Expo.

The expo operates on a first-come, first-served basis, welcoming a maximum of 120 artists to a 2500 square meter venue. It is open to a variety of artists and performers, including painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers, and comedians, making it a comprehensive cultural experience for families and individuals alike.

The upcoming event promises an array of activities and performances, including an auction by Rotary Club International Stockholm and a fashion show by Sara Schesser Bartra from Miami. With an expectation of around 3,000 visitors, the expo is set to be a bustling hub of artistic activity.

Alex invites everyone to experience the diverse and inclusive atmosphere of the Charity Art Expo, emphasizing that it’s a place where art is made accessible to all, fostering a community of diverse voices and talents. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 18 May 2024, at Sergel Hub in Stockholm, promising a day filled with art, performances, and community spirit.


93 confirmed exhibitors at CAE spring 2024: Alexa Theron – Anastasiia Dushak – Anders Lindholm – Andrea Jönebratt – Anna Galuszka – Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter – Anneli Pietikäinen – Annica Röhs – Antigoni Kalemikeris – Asta Areg – Avesta Mohammadi – Birgitta Helena Järnåker – Carl Lagercrantz – Catarina Hjort Tolstoy – Catharina Hellerstedt – Charlotta Jansson – Christoph Abé – Cissi Erwald – Classe Lindberg – Elahe Jalili – Elli Edström – Ewa Maas – Ewelina Hanc-Krenska – Gabriella Lindblom – Georgia Spanou – Goran Billingskog – H. Sjöström – Hanan Alrikabi – Hannes Enocksson – Hassan Nadjafi – Inara Axelsson – Inga Zurabiani – Isabel Backman Cashman – Jasmine Herhold – Jelena Hübinette – Jennifer Fincher – Jesper Norberg – Joakim Areschoug – Joy Theda – Julia Prikhodko – Karin Hjortsjö – Katrin Derholm – Klaus Gylling – Lioudmila Kerdman – Liv Sandberg – Lotta Lassbo – Magdalena Nilsson – Malou Gamborn – Marcela Urquia – Marie Hahn – Marlena Sleszynska – Martyna Jack – Matilda Sohl – Mieszko Tyszkiewicz – Mina Dasstanian Esfahani – Monica Gorschelnik – My Olsson – Naseem Quraishi Larsson – Natalia Arkhipenko – Nienke van Veen – Nils Eklund – Nina Tadsen – Peter Ostlund – Pi MånaLi Ericson – Polina Mozgovaya – Renata Rosen – Sanchari Sen Sarma – Sara Kidby – Sara Schesser Bartra – Sara Victoria Sandberg – Sofie Fagerberg Cadenius – Susanna Mille – Susanne Nesbeth – Therése Grabs – Toma Stankeviciene – Tyra Snöbohm – Ulla Karlström – Ulrica Viltok – WiMiart AB – Yalda Zohrehnejad – Zanna Guldbrandsson – Freya Färnlöf – Lou Zavattoni – Nadja Durango – Ashim Mukherjee – Caroline Hoskin – Egle Sabaliauskaite – Kirsi Porrassalmi – Korede Solaja – Sára Pozsgai – André Guldhjärta – Mathias Szabo – Alex Colard

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