28 May 2024
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Charity Art Expo: Democratizing Art and Fostering Community in Stockholm

ENTRANCE TICKETS The Charity Art Expo is a dynamic and vibrant art event that unites artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts, creating a marketplace for artistic exchange and appreciation. This event stands out in the art world by being accessible and inclusive, offering exhibition space at reasonable prices to democratize art access. Alex Colard, the […]

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A Vibrant Tradition: Vårsalongen 2024 at Liljevalchs

Vårsalongen, an annual jury-judged exhibition held at Liljevalchs konsthall, marks the beginning of the art year in Stockholm. Since its inception in 1921, this cherished tradition has evolved into a lively celebration of art, welcoming participants and visitors alike from February 9 to April 21st. At Vårsalongen, artists from diverse backgrounds and styles converge to […]

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A Fusion of Elegance: Thalia Store Hosts a Fabulous Art, Fashion and Jewelry Extravaganza

In the heart of Stockholm, at Karlavägen 62, Thalia Store recently played host to an extraordinary evening that seamlessly blended the worlds of high fashion, captivating art, and jewelry. Thanks to the creative minds of Göran Alfredsson, talented artist Dennis Duolee, and Sophia Bernadotte, the event unfolded into a fabulous spectacle, leaving attendees enchanted. Photo […]

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Exquisite Art and Culinary Fusion at YUC LatAsian: Miss Myagi’s Second Expo of the Year

Miss Myagi website Yuc LatAsian restaurant website Art enthusiasts and food connoisseurs gathered at the renowned YUC LatAsian, located on Jakobsbergsgatan 27, to attend a fabulous art opening. The spotlight was on the contemporary graffiti artist Miss Myagi, who showcased her second exhibition of the year in collaboration with YUC. YUC is known for its […]

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Art Community

Art and Charity meet AT Six

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of elegance, philanthropy, and inspiration at the upcoming Charity Art Auction in Stockholm. Hosted at the prestigious Hotel At Six on the 10th of June, this event promises to be a celebration of art and social responsibility. By investing in the unique and one-of-a-kind framed paintings by the French […]

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Art Exhibitions in Stockholm – GSA Gallery

Johan Scott was born in 1953 in Mariehamn, Åland, he lives and works in Stockholm. The oeuvre of Johan Scott is intense, where clear colors meet in contrast. But the intensity is not discouraging, on the contrary, it feels warm and embracing. GSA Gallery’s first Stockholm gallery opened in August 2008 in the gallery district […]

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A Fall Of Art

A season that transits us from the warmth of summer into the chilly depths of winter, the glorious autumn colours that magically spell the corresponding layers of emotions and purposeful activities are espoused by explorations of the materiality, methodologies and meanings of contemporary art… A season with hoovering hues that epitomizes our quest to move […]

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Summer Pleasures of Art

  Summer! Time to luxuriate outdoors…  … contemplating the numerous art displayed in parks dotting Stockholm city central in their relations to nature and surrounding architecture personifying Sweden’s iconic modernist age as one golden era. …watching Swedes sunbathe on lush green lawns at lunch break and bathe in the glory of how far feminism has […]

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KvadrArt 2018 – The biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia

Once again Wallery has created the biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia – KvadrArt! On the 13th of June KvadrArt opened its doors with a huge celebration open to the public, artists, and art lovers alike. All gathered to admire and of course purchase the almost 90 artworks from artists from all over the world. All […]

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Art Culture What's on: Stockholm

The Art Of Public Spaces

  As we step forth into the streets and parklands of Stockholm as the wonderment of summer takes flight from the cusps of spring, lets joyfully muse upon these in relation to our surroundings: Who decides on what goes into a public space? What within it is embraced by the community that uses it? How […]

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