25 Apr 2024
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Stockholm Parents: Back to Work, Off to School

Heading back to work? Sending the kids to preschool? Savvy Stockholm parents give us their top tips!

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Housing University

Digs Needed: Finding Student Housing in Stockholm

Coming to Sweden to study? Are you prepared to face Stockholm’s tough housing situation on your own? We’ve gathered all the links you need to get a head start on the house hunting!

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Expat Support Networking Swedish Language Courses

Global Expat Centre: Your Home Away from Home

Just moved to Sweden? Feeling like a fish out of water? There’s no need! Let the Global Expat Centre in Stockholm be your home away from home! Named Best Practice in Talent Support by the EU’s BSR Project in 2013, the Global Expat Centre offers language training, cross-cultural services and job support, along with a […]

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Parenting +46: Dressing kids for Swedish winters

Getting cold feet as temperatures plummet and the kids want to make snow angels in sandals? No worries, YLC’s got your winter wardrobe woes covered – booties, bags and beanies! If you’ve been in Sweden for a while, you may find yourself well aware of what winter is like, but still overwhelmed by the daunting task […]

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Learning Swedish: Public or Private?

You pratar lite svenska, you wear skinny jeans and drink coffee from 7-Eleven. Why do you still feel like the protagonist in Where’s Wally? YLC’s Kirsten Smart has one answer on how to get into the beanie-covered heads of the Swedes.  Mikko Nikkinen/imagebank.sweden.se So you’ve decided to learn Swedish. Hurra! The next step is deciding […]

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Expat Support: Fika with Mumm

It’s a noun, it’s a verb and it’s synonymous with a great many things. That’s right, we’re talking about fika! Want to join?

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Education Preschool School

Swedish pre-schools: the Reggio Emilia approach

Very popular among preschools in Sweden – the YLC lowdown on Reggio Emilia!

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Education Swedish Language Courses

Speaking Swedish like a native: the YLC guide

Finding it hard to get to grips with the language? Want to be able to speak like a native? Check out YLC’s Amy Johansson’s top tips to get ahead in Swedish –  the non-SFI way! I knew I had started speaking really good Swedish when people stopped telling me that I spoke good Swedish and […]

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Courses in English Education Starting a business University Work & Money

Courses and events for budding Stockholm entrepreneurs

Stockholm offers several different options for budding entrepreneurs seeking guidance!

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Education University

Applying to Swedish Universities: the lowdown

Interested in applying to a Swedish university? Want to know what your international study options are and what to expect in fees? Take a look at our basic guide to enrolling in university in Sweden.  The Swedish Council for Higher Education is the only agency responsible for admission to Swedish universities. It is through their two […]

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