18 Jul 2024
Networking Theatre

Improv(e) your life

Per Gottfredson spent over 3 decades performing and teaching. He’s one of the founders and directors of Stockholms Improvisationsteater, located in the heart of the city. He runs a very special place – a theater where everyone can become a performer. That’s the beauty of improv – spontaneous ensemble theater. Today we are talking about all […]

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Comedy Swedish Culture What's on: Stockholm

How To Become Swedish In 60 Minutes

Your Living City was invited to an extraordinary show, which ironically was about the most ordinary thing we have in our lives… the Swedes. Yes the Swedes and Swedishness, something we who live in Sweden deal with every day of our lives, but sometimes something so difficult to understand. If you, like me, have left your homeland and […]

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Community Extraordinary Expats Theatre What's on: Stockholm

A Place To Be You – Improv in Stockholm

Josh Lenn from International Theater Stockholm tells how improv helped him connect with people in Stockholm and how it’s all grown into a vibrant community. Moving to Sweden from San Francisco seven years ago was a huge challenge for me. Leaving the community I had behind and not understanding the Swedish cultural codes, at times […]

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IT’S an Improvible Mission – improv comedy in English

The producers of Lost in Translation bring you their new explosive improv comedy show – MISSION IMPROVIBLE. It’s a completely improvised spy action thriller in English! In a world where action movies have 100 million dollar budgets and computer generated 3D special effects, five improvisers face their biggest challenge yet. They will take on the […]

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Culture Music Theatre What's on: Stockholm

5 Parkteatern Picks for July and August

For over 70 years Parkteatern has allowed Stockholmers and its heaps of summer visitors to enjoy the fine arts in a very Swedish way: always outside and always for free – a contained manifestation of Allemansrätten. Naturally, then, YLC recommends that you take in at least one Parkteatern show before the warm blues and greens of summer shift to the chilly red […]

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YLC’s Picks for Kulturnatt 2015

Kulturnatt 2015 is set to take over Stockholm on April 25th and a wide array of cultural events will be on offer for everyone in the Venice of the North to enjoy. But with over 400 things to do in one night, figuring where to start can be a daunting task for even the most […]

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Community Culture Theatre What's on: Stockholm

Irish Drama in Stockholm

The Stockholm-based Irish drama group Spuds and Sill have been putting on plays since 2010 and are now presenting their latest offering called Another Peace on the 17th and 18th of April. The Spuds and Sill drama group is part of the Swedish Irish Society. So there are naturally quite a bit of Irish people […]

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Creative Arts Culture

Charles Dickens: “A Christmas Carol”

Is it just me or does Christmas hurtle towards us, at an exponential rate? Every. Single. Year. Am I the only one who finds it almost impossible to reconcile the “Christmas Spirit” with frantically taking care of family and preparing for what inevitably becomes a bit of an anti-climax? Yes? Really? “Bah, humbug!”

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Culture What's on: Stockholm

What’s On: 5 – 9 November

Autumn has settled in and the rain comes and goes. Don’t let that slow you down – get out and experience this city for all it has to offer.

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Creative Arts Culture

Taking Differences to the Stage: International Theater

Are you ready to let go of all that new-found Swedish reserve and just go for it? Stockholm has a new international theatre with shows, classes, corporate workshops. The best part? It’s all in English. IT’S, International Theater Stockholm, offers shows, classes and corporate workshops in English. they aim to provide an open and international […]

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