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5 Parkteatern Picks for July and August
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5 Parkteatern Picks for July and August

For over 70 years Parkteatern has allowed Stockholmers and its heaps of summer visitors to enjoy the fine arts in a very Swedish way: always outside and always for free – a contained manifestation of Allemansrätten. Naturally, then, YLC recommends that you take in at least one Parkteatern show before the warm blues and greens of summer shift to the chilly red and gold embers of fall. Here are five events to consider in July and August – mind you, however, that a few of them are in Swedish:

Christina Tingskog: Astro 1.0

Christina Tingskog’s Astro 1.0 is a dance show described as a “poetic observance of the universe through movement.” Via gestures inspired by humor, logic and recklessness, the dancers push the boundaries of gravity and other aspects of physics without any promise of where their actions will lead. In other words, if you are an exploratory or adventurous type, this performance is right up your alley. Astro 1.0 takes place at Galärparken at 18:00 from July 25-26.

Elvis På Svenska (Elvis in Swedish) 

Whatever language you speak, Elvis På Svenska is sure to be a good time: on July 20 at 12:15 you can stop by Kungsträdgården to rock out to Elvis’ greatest hits in Swedish. There will be a full band – with five musicians and eleven instruments – and plenty of room for dancing, so bring friends, kids, colleagues – whoever you like!

Fröken Elvis - Photo: Carrie Gilchrist
Fröken Elvis – Photo: Carrie Gilchrist

5 Folk Festival

The 5 Folk Festival focuses on folk music from Sweden’s five national minority groups: the Samis, Roma, Jews, Sweden Finns and Tornedalingar, and the two nights of music performed by more than 10 acts will give you the opportunity to see, hear and celebrate how diverse Sweden truly is. The 5 Folk Festival takes place in Kungsträdgården on July 16 from 17:00-20:00 as well as on July 23 from 17:00-20:00, so if you can’t make it one night, then you’ll hopefully be able to make it the other.

Kärleken är fri!? (Love is free!?)

Kärleken är fri!? is a play  that explores the right to love who you want, the right to reign over your own body, and the right to express your sexuality as you wish. The performance is in Swedish and it will no doubt trigger a range of emotions in each viewer – all of them, hopefully, leading to fresh new ways of considering love and freedom. The play will be put on by the members of Folkteatern Gothenburg from August 4-6 in Bredäng at 18:00 as well as from August 7-9 in Husby Gård at 18:00.

Stockholm Gospel Choir Festival

On August 23 you can enjoy 7 free hours of gospel music in Kungsträdgården starting at 12:00. The Stockholm Gospel Festival promises to treat you to a joyful explosion from a variety of international gospel stars as well as some of Sweden’s top gospel choirs. To find out more, have a scroll through the festival’s website gospelverkstaden.se

Above are 5 Parkteatern picks from YLC – if you’d like to find out more about what the 2015 season of Parkteatern has to offer, then check out the full summer program.


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