17 Jul 2024
KvadrArt 2018 – The biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia
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KvadrArt 2018 – The biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia

Once again Wallery has created the biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia – KvadrArt!

On the 13th of June KvadrArt opened its doors with a huge celebration open to the public, artists, and art lovers alike. All gathered to admire and of course purchase the almost 90 artworks from artists from all over the world. All unique and signed pieces are 40x40cm – and you can take our word for it – they are amazing!

During the night the music was provided by Dj Claudio and the entertainment came from the amazing rappers Nick Hammer & Crew and the talented dancers in The Milky Way with their performance Radical Art.

Wallery’s owner and curator, Jimmie Hall was there to welcome the public and to give the opening speech.

The KvadrArt exhibition will continue to be open until the 30th of June, so do not hesitate – stop by and enjoy this street art exhibition. Who knows, you might just want to take one home with you.

KvadrArt is hosted by Wallery at Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm.

For more info, visit theirwebsite at www.wallery.se

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