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What’s On: 2-5 October
Lifestyle What's on: Stockholm

What’s On: 2-5 October

For many companies the Summer season “has finished” and they are ending tours, closing their doors and sending their staff home for a few weeks. The season reopens again once the snow is falling and the lakes have frozen. However, this does not mean that there is still not plenty to do in Stockholm. Keep busy with our new weekly “What’s On” suggestions.


This week we suggest….

Bak & Chokladfestivalen

Scandinavia’s largest meeting place for those who love chocolate and baking. A public fair focusing on chocolate and baking; the rendezvous for everyone with a taste for quality, enjoyment and experiences; the market place for you and your company, with opportunities for new customer contacts. Starting today!

Where: Stockholmsmässan, Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö  When: 2-5 October 2014, Thursday 11.00-19.00, Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday 10.00-17.00  Who: Everyone  Cost: Adult 140-240 SEK, Child 0-70 SEK, Family 290-330 SEK


Hem & Villa exhibition

Hem & Villa (Home & Villa) is the largest Nordic DIY (do it yourself) public fair. But Hem & Villa is so much more than just a public fair. It is a forum for inspiration, experiences, product rollouts, seminars and trends. Our ambition is to engage the visitors with all five senses, to design concepts and to create platforms offering the visitor an extraordinary range.

Where: Stockholmsmässan, Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö  When: 2-5 October 2014, Thursday 11.00-19.00, Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday 10.00-17.00  Who: Everyone  Cost: Adult 140-240 SEK, Child 0-70 SEK, Family 290-330 SEK


Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

The Affordable Art Fair Stockholm returns , showcasing a fantastic array of art from 50 local Swedish and international galleries.

Where: Stockholm’s Cruise Center, Magasin 9, Frihamnen, 115 56 Stockholm  When: 2-5 October 2014, Thursday 1.00-18.00, Friday 11.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-18.00, Sunday 11.00-17.00  Who: Everyone  Cost: Adult 150 SEK, Child 0 SEK


Maffia Comedy Club

The largest stand-up club with free admission, 3 days a week every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all year round so it’s Stand Up Maffia Comedy Club with Sweden’s hottest comedians, Showtime 20:00 Free entry! 

Where: Baras Backe (formerly Högbergs), Götgatsbacken, Gotgatan 33, Stockholm  When: Thursday 2 October 2014, fom 20:00  Who: Everyone  Cost: FREE


Cykel exhibition

The last week of the cycle – an exhibition of one of our most beloved design object, as passion, fashion accessory, lifestyle, transport, iconic object and as a possible part of our future planning. Everything from trends, new technology and ergonomics to social and cultural events are reflected in the development of the bike. The exhibition follows a historical design timeline with some seventy items that focus on the cycle of evolution.

Where: Arkitektur och Designcentrum, Skeppsholmen, 111 49 Stockholm  When: until 5 October 2014, Tuesday 10:00-20:00, Wed-Sun 10:00-18:00  Who: Everyone  Cost: Adult 80 SEK, Child 0 SEK under 19 years


Bicycle Film Festival

The international success of the Bicycle Film Festival is a catalyst for the urban bike movement. The festival has taken the world by storm and accentuates the whole world, from Milan to New York to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Now the festival for the second year in a row to Stockholm. Here you can see the most talked about bike movies and hang out with other bike enthusiasts at the Bicycle Film Festival Afterparty.

Where: Arkitektur och Designcentrum, Skeppsholmen, 111 49 Stockholm  When: 3-4 October 2014, Program 1: Friday, October 3 at 19:00; Programme 2: Friday, October 3 at 21:00; Program 3: Saturday, October 4 at 18:30; Program 4: Saturday October 4 at 20:30.  Who: Everyone  Cost: 75 SEK per person, per schedule


Skateboard 1978-2014 exhibition

In Sergelstorg: Skateboard 1978-2014 are documented and made ​​available four decades of skateboard culture in Stockholm for a wide audience. At the same time raised issues related to the broader debate on cities, public access and identity.

Where: Kulturhuset, Skeppsholmen, Celsing Gallery, 4th Floor, Stockholm  When: 3-12 October 2014   Who: Everyone  Cost: FREE



ÖFA collective invites you to Danceoke at the Dance Museum. Danceoke is almost like karaoke but instead of singing alone so we dance together. We make this music videos and fills the dance floor with amazing moves. It’s simple. Look, mimic and dance to stars like Beyoncé, Whitney, Britney and Gwen! 

Where: Dansmuseet, Drottninggatan 17, 111 51 Stockholm  When: Friday 3 October at 18:00  Who: Members OFA collective. Cost: FREE


Ny Grafik 2014

Husby Konsthall presents graphics salon New Graphics 2014. A juried salon that is based on the question “What is the graphics today?” 

Where: Husby Konsthall, Husby Gård, Husbystigen 8, 164 30 Kista  When: Opening on Saturday, October 4th at 14:00-20:00. Until 28th October.  Who: Everyone.  



Take the opportunity to try out four different dance styles with some of the best dancers.Dance classes are organized in cooperation with Street Star. No experience required. Duration: about 60 minutes.

October 4 HIP HOP with Daniel Pipe.
Oct. 11 HOUSE with Andreas Barison Sanchez.
Oct. 18 DANCEHALL with Jacqueline N Sahlin.
Oct. 25 voguing with Fredrik “Milan” Quiñones.

Where: Dansmuseet, Drottninggatan 17, 111 51 Stockholm    When: Saturdays 4, 11, 18, 25 October at. 15:00  Who: For adolescents and adults from 15 years.  Cost: Adult 100 SEK (50 SEK up to 18 years), drop in.



For children 5-10 years. Together with Daniel Pipe try some simple steps to cool hip hop music. We begin by looking at a short film with different styles of street dance, from breaking to locking. It gets much play and movement training.

Where: Dansmuseet, Drottninggatan 17, 111 51 Stockholm  When: Sundays 5, 12, 19, 26 October at 13:00  Who: For children 5-10 years.  Cost: 80 SEK (40 SEK for siblings and free entry for accompanying adult), drop-in.



At Cosmonova you can enjoy a great, immersive and stunning experience. You can feel what it is like to be on the scene, in the midst of an adventure. The Cosmonova theater is unique, as is its technology. They show 3D films on a part of the dome, that draw you deeper into the adventure, deeper than perhaps you would prefer.

Currently showing:  Galapagos 3D; Astronomy x2; South Pacific; Titans; Sea Rex 3D; Hidden Universe; Born to be Wild

Where: Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Frescativägen 40, Stockholm  When: Tues-Sun, check website for times  Who: children from 5 years of age, unless other age limit is mentioned.  Cost: Adults 100 SEK, Child 50 SEK


Segway Tour

A Segway trip through Stockholm is an exciting and unique option to see a little more of Stockholm then you might by foot. Before you start you´ll get a short 10 minute introduction. Helmet and map is included in the price.

Where: Stockholm Adventures, Skeppsbron 16, 111 53, Stockholm  When: check website for availability  Who: Adults only  Cost: Adults 350 SEK



Did you know that there are 85 museums in Stockholm?  Here are a few to get you started…

1. Abba the Museum
2. Almgrens Sidenväveri & Museum / Almgren Silk-Weaving Mill & Museum
3. Aquaria Vattenmuseum / Aquaria Water Museum
4. Arkitektur- och designcentrum / Sweden Centre for Architecture & Design
5. Armemuseum / Army Museum


Have a super weekend!

If you have any suggestions of upcoming events, exhibitions, workshops or festival please contact us.
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