23 Jun 2024
Want A New Look For Summer? Check Out These Hot Hair Trends To Upgrade Your Style
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Want A New Look For Summer? Check Out These Hot Hair Trends To Upgrade Your Style

Want A New Look For Summer? Check Out These Hot Hair Trends To Upgrade Your Style

Stockholm is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and locals put a lot of thought on their appearance, particularly on their outfits, skin, and hair. In fact, Sweden’s hair industry is expected to have a CAGR of 2.81% from 2021-2025. Many are on the lookout for the latest trends when it comes to hair, including hair care products and hairstyles. During the summertime, people usually like to change their hairstyles, opting to get it cut because of the warmer weather. However, before you look for the best salons in Stockholm to get a hair upgrade, you need to check out these hairstyle trends for this summer.

The Mixie

If you’re in the mood to go a bit edgy this summer, the mixie haircut might be the hairstyle for you. One celebrity stylist actually dubbed this hairstyle as the look for the season. The mixie is actually a combination of the mullet and the pixie cut. It has become very trendy because its an interesting take on two popular hairstyles, giving you an edgy look without the fuss. Celebrities like Noomi Rapace, Úrsula Corberó, Demi Lovato, and Florence Pugh have been seen rocking this look. However, to get that ultimate clean and sleek look, you need to get rid of frizzy ends. A great way to do that is through velaterapia or Brazilian hair burning, which involves an expert practitioner singeing off the ends of your hair with a candle and methodically removing all split ends. This gives your hair a shinier and healthier look. 

The Wavy Lob

During the summer, when women don’t want to cut their hair too short, they usually go for a lob, which is short for long bob. A lob is a cut wherein the hair ends somewhere between the chin and collarbone, which beautifully frames the face. For this summer, it’s all about styling the bob with a casual side part and with some waves, maybe even with a fringe, like the blunt fringe Princess Sofia of Sweden sported earlier this year. Meanwhile, the wavy lob provides a relaxed, yet chic look. You can take inspiration from Laura Harrier and Selena Gomez who have been seen in this hairstyle.

Golden Honey Colour

Perhaps you’re not keen on getting a haircut this summer, but you still want to do something to change your look. Changing your hair colour is a great way to do that. According to experts, if winter and spring were all about dramatic reds, this summer is about gold and bronze shades, so you may want to consider rich honey hues for your hair. Think Alicia Vikander in the movie “The Glorias.” The warm tone makes the hair look shinier and healthier, perfect for the summer. 

Go for Braids

Another trendy look this summer is doing braids. It is everyone’s go-to hairstyle this season, from Zara Larsson to Bella Hadid. It’s a quick, easy, and also a cute way to style your hair. Stylists suggest braiding face-framing pieces of your hair, placing braids all over, or even braiding your ponytail for a fresh look.

This summer, it may be time to get a new hairdo. Try getting a mixie, a wavy lob, colour your hair, or braid your tresses for a fun look. You’ll surely look your best while enjoying the summer months in Stockholm.  

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