28 May 2024
Charity Art Expo (CAE): A Celebration of Creativity and Philanthropy
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Charity Art Expo (CAE): A Celebration of Creativity and Philanthropy

⚜️ CAE is more than an art exhibition; it’s a grand celebration of creativity and charity, all in support of WWF. This upcoming event, scheduled to unfold at Sergel Hub, promises to be an extraordinary convergence of artistic brilliance and social responsibility.

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Event Highlights:

  1. Diverse Art Exhibition: With a lineup of 93 visual artists, CAE presents a rich tapestry of artistic expression. From sculptures to paintings, photography, and beyond, this diverse showcase captures the essence of contemporary artistry.
  2. Daniel Moe Fashion Show: At 14:00, dive into the world of sustainable fashion with the innovative designs of Daniel Moe from Moe Zero Waste Wear. Expect a runway that blends style and eco-consciousness seamlessly.
  3. Live Performances: The event pulses with life throughout the day. At 16:00 pm, Therése Neaimé takes the stage, treating the audience to her latest single and other soulful renditions. It’s a musical journey that adds another layer of vibrancy to CAE.
  4. Maritza Pahanic Excellence Award: At 17:30 pm, witness the crowning moment as artists who have significantly contributed to the event’s success are honored with the Maritza Pahanic Excellence Award.

⚜️ Your Presence Matters: We extend an invitation for you to be part of this remarkable event. CAE provides a perfect platform for your art and creativity, ensuring that a diverse audience appreciates and celebrates your unique contributions. Your presence will undoubtedly elevate the collective spirit of this gathering.

⚜️ Join us at CAE: Mark your calendar for a day filled with artistic brilliance, sustainable fashion, and soulful performances. Your participation will not only enrich the event but also contribute to the broader cause supported by WWF.

Let’s make CAE 2023 a celebration to remember!

⚜️ Date: Saturday, December 9

⚜️ Time: 12.00 to 18.00

⚜️ Location: Sergel Hub , Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm

Confirmed Exhibiting Artists: Liv Sandberg – Goran Billingskog – Anne Svensson – Johan Franzén – Ola Nicklasson – Tess Enarsson – Nils Lagergren – Mats Blomqvist – Izabel Lind – Anna-Stina Gerdin – Berit Norrbelius Lindberg – Lena Palmgren – Frida Thorsell – Anna Blades – Eva Olsson – Adam Valkare – Bitte Brun – Sara Sandberg – Joakim Areschoug – Gerda Oskarssons – Ingrid Karlsson – Annika Berglof – Radostina Dimitrova – Frank Hanneberg – Katrin Derholm – Lena Nilson – Elahe Jalili – Marie Demiz – Irina Jovel – Joy Theda – Into Sarkela – Nik Vuk Art – Marzena Platin – Priscila Garcia – Daniela Kronvall – Klaus Gylling – Eva-Maria Holm – Rochelle Rosenberg – Mag Blue – Ewa Maas – Farzaneh Ahmadzadeh – Amie Norrman – Petra Karlsson – Felix Lundqvist – Svante Trottestam – Anne Nicke – Chantal Guyot – Sara Pejlare – Anastasiia Dushak – Helen Svendgaard – Caroline – Irene Chua – Katarina Andersson – Maria Hornegard – Natalie Jendel – Serena Zalbo – Mieszko Tyszkiewicz – Fran Speicher – Oulaya Kebbaj – Tatiana Kotliarova – Cécile Hansson – Susanne Strandanger – Hearts Fine Jewelry – Alex Colard – Malin M Waldestål – Kristina Gahne – ÁREG / ásta – Asa Popp – Rosamy Cotino – Morgan Yngve – Peter Ostlund – Mi Rakel Forsell – Antigoni Kalemikeris – Nick Gyllin – Lina Sulga – Jasmin Gokboga – Benjamin Rosten – Shirin Khalil – Vladimir Vallejos – Thessa Stenberg – Emilia Buco Sorsa – Pooja Sharma – Anna Caroline – Yvonne Pettersson – Anneli Pietikainen – Magdalena Borkowska – Lucyna Wachnicka – Katarina Dymarek – Henrik Sjostrom – Erika Vretstrom – Carl Lagercrantz – Pia Vehl – Shipley – Emilia Eilsee

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