18 May 2024
Stockholm Bachelorette: 5 top Party Ideas
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Stockholm Bachelorette: 5 top Party Ideas

Whether you call it a hen’s do, a bachelorette party or a möhippa (Swedish), a ladies last leg of freedom is no longer just a booze soaked night of debauchery (though it can be if you’re into that too). YLC shows you how to do this classic with a twist – mix and match to your hearts desire.

With penis straws and cringe worthy lap dances done to death, its time to inject a bit of creativity into the old bachelorette routine. Brides are looking for something fun, adventurous and classy before she gets hitched. Choose something that she’ll love and leave plenty of recovery time before the big day.

#1 Luxurious Ladies 

Spa in true Japanese style. These guys have all the details down to a tee from tatami mats, Japanese washing rooms complete with wooden baths to the yukuta robes that you get to take home. Dip in hot springs, sauna, swim in their indoor pool and pick from a mind boggling array of treatments, massages, facials, meditation and retreats. There’s even a tea room, three Japanese restaurants and a sake bar on site. Stay for the weekend to enjoy their huge selection of activities.

Damage: Let’s just say you should be willing to spend a little more on this one. But oh, it’s worth it.

Sauna Float
Take the sauna obsession to the next level by hiring your own woodfired sauna that floats you through  Stockholm’s waterways. Snacks, drinks,  towels and toiletries are provided. Max 12 people.

Damage: 3000 SEK first hour , then in 1500 SEK per hour after


#2 Adventure Junkies

Rooftop Walk
If the bride is an outdoor gal, climbing Stockholm’s rooftops 140 feet above ground could just be her thing. You get a 360 degree view of the city while visiting iconic places like Parliament. Don’t worry, you’ll be attached to cables, harnesses and helmets strapped to heads – these guys are experts. Up the ante by going after dark where guides will titillate the bridal party with stories of Stockholm’s haunted, murderous past while soaking in the night lights. Max 10 people. For an insight into what to expect – check this out!

Damage: 600 SEK for 120 minutes

Segway Tour
Why walk when you can Segway? Forget about huffing the sidewalks like mere mortals, zipping on these babies will give you the best means to see Stockholm minus the sweat. Day Trip Stockholm offers four different routes from trendy Sofo, Djurgrården, Gamla Stan to the hills overlooking the waterfront. Guides will throw in a safety section plus interesting snippets of history.

Damage: 395 – 695 SEK, 90 – 150 min

Horse riding in Djurgården
Your hubby-to-be may not trot gallantly on white horse, but who says you can’t give it a go? Häståkeriet takes you riding through Djurgården passing Rosendal’s castle,  Biskoppsudden,  Blockhusudden, Isbladskärret and Djurgårdsbrunn canal. If you’re game, you can canter Stockholm’s best riding trails. They even have western saloon to hire for your after party. Bring your own cowboy boots for added fun! Max 9 people.

Damage: 550 – 700 SEK, 90 – 120 min
Day trip available if you’re a hotshot in the saddle – 1300 SEK, includes lunch & coffee .


#3 The Weird and Wonderful

Make a Music Video
Are you the next karaoke queens? Take it to the next level by recording your own music video in a real studio. You even get to play in their huge dress up box. Everyone gets a CD and recording to take home.

Damage: 3195 – 3995 SEK

Indoor Shooting Range
Fancy yourselves the stars of your own action thriller? You and your girls can be the gun toting heroines you’ve always dreamed of. At least for a couple of hours. Target Shooting will give you a detailed safety briefing  before letting you loose in their state of the art shooting range (in a controlled way of course). You’ll get to shoot live rounds from Glock 17, Colt M1911, .357 Magnum, Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum and more. The best trigger finger even gets a surprise!

Damage:  895 – 2495 SEK , 40 – 120 minutes


#4 Foodie Fabulous

Rent a Chef
Invite a professional chef to whip up a gourmet multi-course meal in your own home. They bring the gear and ingredients, all you do is relax, drink and be merry. They even do the dishes! Or you can join in and learn the secrets to 5-star culinary arts in a cooking course where you get to eat the results. Sommeliers and bartenders are available too.

Damage: Bachelorette packages from 495 SEK (home cooking)/550 SEK (courses)

Water Limousine
Limousines aren’t only found on land. Take a luxurious boat ride around Stockholm’s waterways and taste champagne and chocolates chauffeured by a charming captain. Food, drink and decorations can all be arranged at your request.

Damage: 2000 – 3500 SEK dependent on route,  30 – 70 minutes

Or read the YLC guide for a list of romantic restaurants.


#5 Party Animals

Of course, no bachelorette party is complete without ending the night with some dance floor action.

The granddaddy of entertainment venues, this iconic location replete in velvet and Baroque is actually several clubs rolled into one. Drink at Veranda and ogle at the posh and pretty people down below. Visit The Terrace for something outdoors and upbeat, Gallery 2.35:1 for modern underground dance music or dance until dawn at Stora Salongen staring at chandeliers dripping with crystals.

Golden Hits
Relive the 70’s and 80’s and let your dance moves go wild! Girlfriend, this place is three dance floors of sequinned gowns, big hair, neon fabulousness. Don your flashiest digs and have the best night ever.

Fasching Jazz Club
A personal favourite, this baby has been around since 1977. Presenting the best of old school funk, jazz, soul and latin sounds, this place is good old fashioned fun without any pretension. There are live bands and plenty of famous names gracing their stages. Open until 04:00.

For MORE dance floor inspiration read this, this and this. 🙂

Featured Image: Martin Thomas/Flickr (file)


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