13 Jun 2024
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New Year’s Eve in Stockholm – The ultimate guide

Reaching the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one always takes us to that verge, that invisible edge of accomplishment that awakens the urge to celebrate. We have made it one more time to the beginning of something new and we should make sure to start it in grand style! Stockholm offers numerous ways […]

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Getting in the Halloween mood with Shockholm

The Shockholm Halloween parade is taking place once again on the 5th of November. This time it will be held at Medborgarplatsen, and the event will start from 4pm. The costume contest participants will be presented at 5pm and the parade will start at 6pm. Winners are to be presented at 7pm. We went to […]

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Amazing Places to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday in Stockholm

90% of people would prefer to celebrate their birthday with friends, and it is common for a child’s birthday party to be with classmates and loved ones. Often there is a traditional Princesstårta, a sponge cake that is covered with a deceiving layer of green marzipan. There will be singing of Ja, må han/hon leva – […]

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Midsummer in Stockholm 2016

Wondering what all the fuss is about? And where all the Stockholmers have gone? Or maybe you’re just looking for a place to celebrate Midsummer in the city? Swedish Midsummer is easily the most celebrated holiday in the country, rivalled only by Christmas. Nature is in full bloom, love is in the air and twilight […]

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The Lowdown: Midsummer in Stockholm 2014

Looking for a place to dance around the May pole this weekend or just want to learn more about Midsummer in Sweden?

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How to Celebrate Swedish National Day

Rumour has it that Sweden’s National Day began in 1523 when Gustav Vasa was crowned, but it wasn’t made a public holiday until 2005. But either way it’s a cause to celebrate – choose a century and go from there!

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Stockholm Bachelor: Top Five Party Ideas

With stag-dos or svensexas dating back to the ancient Spartans, YLC decided to jazz up this old shindig with new additions to make this night/weekend of freedom more about fun and bromance than hang overs and NSFW pictures.

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Stockholm Bachelorette: 5 top Party Ideas

Whether you call it a hen’s do or a möhippa (Swedish), a ladies last leg of freedom is no longer just a booze soaked night of debauchery (though it can be if you’re into that too).

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