18 May 2024
Derby Girls: Among Jammers and Blockers in Stockholm
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Derby Girls: Among Jammers and Blockers in Stockholm

Do you think you’re tough enough to do what these women do? We caught up with the Stockholm All Stars at their recent bout against the visiting Rocky Mountains 5280 Fight Club!

“Roller Derby is a full contact sport, on roller skates. It’s a team sport – which makes it really AWESOME,” team captain Karolina Berglöf, a.k.a.Swede Hurts, told YLC.

Stockholm Roller Derby started out in 2007, with only five members practicing in a garage. Today there are 45 active members, spread over two travel teams and one rookie team.

Berglöf moved to Malmö, in southern Sweden,  after a stint in the US and started playing with a local team, acting as their head coach for 9 months.

“But I am from Stockholm and when I moved back here, it was a no-brainer, I couldn’t stop doing Roller Derby, I love Roller Derby – so I joined the Stockholm team, and I love it!”


Want more? Why not join the “fresh meat” program at the beginning of summer? You’ll learn everything from skating to slamming! If Swedish isn’t your first language (we’re guessing it isn’t!) that’s no problem at all – as the International background of many players mean that a lot of English is used during coaching!

“Roller Derby is awesome – everybody should be playing it,” Berglöf told YLC.

More info can be found on the website!

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