25 Apr 2024
Stockholm Leads The Way: World’s First Commercial Electric Passenger Ferry Sets Sail
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Stockholm Leads The Way: World’s First Commercial Electric Passenger Ferry Sets Sail

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Stockholm has become the first city in the world to launch a self-driving, fully-electric commercial passenger ferry”, Interesting Engineering reports. Meet Estelle — an electric Zeabuz ferry that accommodates 25 passengers plus bicycles — and now running from Kungsholmen to Söder Mälarstrand, promising swift and eco-friendly journeys for all. Powered solely by electricity and guided by cutting-edge automation, the design stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation in urban transit. Estelle was developed by Zeabuz, a technology firm, in partnership with Norwegian transport company, Torghatten, as part of an initiative to foster eco-friendly transport solutions.  

Exploring Stockholm’s waterfront: Zeabuz’s role in city connectivity

Picture a familiar scene: you’re caught in the chaos of city traffic, desperate to reach your destination. But, instead of facing gridlock, you stroll down to the waterfront where a sleek, futuristic Zeabuz ferry awaits. Operating on electricity and guided by advanced automation, wasting time waiting for public transport is now a thing of the past. With Zeabuz, frequent departures ensure you’re always whisked away within minutes, transforming your journey into a smooth, stress-free, and delightfully efficient experience. And, Zeabuz doesn’t just take you from point A to point B — it creates convenient shortcuts by connecting previously inaccessible waterways. In turn, you get to your destination in a quicker time and navigating the city is made a breeze. Indeed, the beauty of Zeabuz lies in its flexibility. Whether it’s changing routes, finding new docking spots, or adjusting vessel configurations, Zeabuz is always ready to meet the evolving demands of city travel. Ultimately, by cutting down on energy consumption, reducing travel times, and streamlining operations, Zeabuz offers a sustainable and affordable transportation solution for both operators and passengers alike.

Powering the journey: solar panels and cutting-edge electronics

Harnessing the power of the sun, Estelle’s solar-powered propulsion system ensures smooth sailing for up to 15 hours non-stop before the need for recharging — numerous trips can therefore be taken with zero harm to the environment. Not only do the solar panels fuel the journey, but they also power the ferry’s cutting-edge electronics, including the Simrad radar, lidar laser, cameras, ultrasonic systems, and collision avoidance sensors. Here, sustainability and innovation work hand in hand to create an eco-friendly voyage like no other. And, as the ferry glides across the water, every aspect of its journey is closely monitored by a skilled onboard captain. Yet, ultimately, Estelle will operate autonomously, eliminating the need for human oversight altogether. “If a boat changes direction or if there’s a canoe we see it right away in less than a second. We update the course accordingly,” explains Erik Nilsson, Chief of Operations at Torghatten. Passengers can therefore rest assured knowing that their journey is not only environmentally friendly, but also prioritizes their safety above all else. Passengers should also take care to familiarize themselves with the safety procedures provided onboard, as well as always wear a life jacket when near the water’s edge. By staying vigilant and following simple guidelines, passengers can enjoy a smooth and safe boating experience

A green transport revolution begins

“Many large cities around the world have problems with congestion, lack of capacity and environmental and air pollution. Self-driving technology will be part of the solution and will be good for both the climate and people,” says Reidun Svarva, Chief Business Development Officer at Torghatten. “Instead of being barriers, the water surfaces will sew the city together and become a shortcut for all Stockholmers. With autonomy, we can get operating costs low enough to make the ferry commercially profitable, and we can offer a departure frequency that is adapted to market needs. It means a green transport revolution at sea, and Stockholm is the first place in the world where this is now being tested”. Indeed, this groundbreaking project heralds a new era of sustainable transport, harnessing self-driving technology to address congestion, capacity constraints, and environmental concerns. paving the way for greener and more efficient urban mobility.

With Zeabuz leading the way, the future of urban transportation in Stockholm is cleaner, faster, and more efficient than ever before. So, say hello to a world where the hustle and bustle of urban life seamlessly intertwines with the tranquility of Stockholm’s waterways, all thanks to Zeabuz’s innovative solutions.

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