22 Jun 2024
Video interview: Tina Satter – director of Reality
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Video interview: Tina Satter – director of Reality

Tina Satter brings her film Reality to Stockholm International Film Festival with great acceptance by the public.

Reality is based on the FBI interrogation transcript of American intelligence leaker Reality Winner, which Satter previously staged as the play Is This a Room. It stars Sydney Sweeney as Winner, with Josh Hamilton and Marchánt Davis in supporting roles.

During our interview we talked about the journey from the moment when Tina Satter first had contact with the story of Reality Winner, to the point when she decided to take her story to the big screen.

Satter also shared details about her biggest satisfactions so far of having directed Reality and she even let us know what she would have done if she would have found herself in Reality Winner‘s position.

Wait until the end of the video for some off-interview chatting about cats.

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