18 May 2024
2013: The Year in Brief
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2013: The Year in Brief

And people say nothing exciting happens in Sweden…



At YLC we think this pretty much wraps up the year 2013. Let’s see how 2014 turns out. Happy New Year!


Veronica Wood

Veronica Wood has worked as a humorous illustrator and cartoonist both in North America and the UK. Her career began in 1988 when she relocated to Toronto and found her niche, providing quirky ink illustrations for titles such as Canadian Lawyer, The Globe and Mail and the now defunct Metropolis magazine.  Veronica returned to the UK in 1993 and settled in the South of England where she has continued to amuse and entertain with cartoons and comic strips appearing both in print and online. Her clients are a diverse group: Private Eye, Weekend Telegraph, Solicitors Journal and Quintette Books to name but a few. You can enjoy more of Veronica’s work here. 

Featured Image: Jon S/Flickr (file)


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